Professional Magic and Illusion Shows in Malta and Beyond


Award winning magician Brian Role` offers the best magic shows that engage audiences of all types. You can book Brian’s skillful and energetic magic performances for either private or public events.  Brian performs at corporate events, exhibitions, weddings, birthday parties (of all ages), hotels and theatres. With years of international professional experience he specializes in many forms of magic performances. Therefore he can provide close up magic, parlor magic and stage magic shows for his clients.  He entertains people through a cheerful personality and professionalism, delivering performances of magic and illusion in a fascinating manner. Brian’s unique approach to deliver amazing magic in his unique manner, guarantees an enjoyable magical experience. Therefore he holds an impressive artistic curriculum of long term engagements as a professional magician in Malta and Internationally.  Although mainly residing in Malta, magician Brian Role` is available to book worldwide.

From Close Up Magic To Stage Performances

You can book Brian Role` for almost any type of event since Brian offers different types of magic performances. These range from close up magic shows to theatrical grand scale illusion shows. However whether he performs close up magic for small groups or stage illusions for larger audiences, trust him to deliver a quality performance. His intention is always to provide a sense of wonder through fun entertainment. He does this through pure showmanship and professionalism. Brian performs for various events, including party celebrations, weddings, corporate events, hotels and theatres. You can book Brian’s magic show in Malta or anywhere in the world.

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The Best Magic For Your Event

Brian guarantees a professional magic performance every time for all of his professional engagements. He firmly believes that only the best is suitable for the audience and his clients. Moreover he carries out all his engagements in an ethical manner. These reasons alone make him a popular choice amongst individuals and companies requiring high standards and quality. Many repeat clients choose Magician Brian Role` because they know they will get the best magic entertainment for their needs. This makes Brian Role` Malta’s leading magician to book for many types of events and special occasions.

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Brian Offers The Following Type Of Magic Shows

Close Up Magician in Malta - Brian Role

Close Up Magic

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Seated Dinners
  • Stand Up Receptions
  • Any Venue
  • Home Bookings
  • Available Worldwide

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Brian Role Parlour Magic in Malta

Parlor Magic

  • Small Venues
  • Private Homes
  • Small Groups
  • Hen / Bachelor Events
  • Adult Themed
  • Family Friendly
  • Available Worldwide

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Brian and Lola Magician Malta

Stage Magic

  • Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theatres
  • Variety Productions
  • Private Events
  • Public Events
  • Available Worldwide

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 Magician Malta Dinner show

Dinner Show

  • Chamber of Mysteries
  • Groups / Individual
  • Various Packages
  • Weekly Shows
  • Exclusive Acts
  • Set Prices
  • Available In Malta

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The International Magician From Malta – The Magician In Malta !


Magician Malta Magic performance in Mexico

Professional Experience Adaptable For Various Situations

Although a magician in Malta, Brian is backed with over 18 years of professional experience.  His professional performances allow him to travel and perform magic worldwide. Clients who book Brian, range from individuals to multi-national companies. Therefore, he performs regularly for corporate and private events in Malta and internationally. He gives shows for hotels, resorts, theme parks, casinos, theaters, cruise ships and television. In Malta, Brian also performs on a weekly basis at the Chamber of Mysteries. This show is Malta’s top Dinner show. It boasts various awards including Trip Advisor excellence awards the IMS Merlin Award. Brian also provides performances for the Luxury Magic Show. This is a special magic show in Malta that one can also book in any other country.

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Corporate entertainment in Malta - Magician at Sigma Malta

Performances Across The Continents

Brian regularly performs across most of Europe. UK, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy are just a few of the European countries Brian performs in. His travels range further with performances in Mexico and the Middle East, namely in Dubai and Qatar. In Asia Brian’s past tours include Mumbai, Kerala, Goa, Hyderabad in India. In Beijing China, at the Happy Valley Magic Festival. Apart from performing publicly, Brian also provides private performances. Brian performs in residences and exclusive venues, worldwide for several of his clients. On top of that, national and multi-national companies trust Brian as their magician of choice. The regularly engage him to entertain their guests during their internal or public events and celebrations.

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Malta Magician receives highest award in Magic - Merlin Magic Award Magician Malta
Internationally Recognised Award Winning Magician

Brian Role` is a long standing member of  The Magic Circle  , the  International Brotherhood of Magicians  the International Magicians Society and the Society of American Magicians.  He is also a member and Ex President of the Malta Magician’s Society, IBM Ring 202. Together with Lola Palmer, he is internationally recognised with various awards. These include the most prestigious award in magic, the  I.M.S. Merlin Award  making Brian the first magician in Malta to achieve such an award.

 Watch Brian receive the IMS Merlin Award