International Award-Winning Magician, Brian Role`, is the best choice magician for any event. He is ‘THE’ Magician in Malta with years of professional experience in the magic industry locally and internationally. Trust Brian to deliver interactive, engaging, and mouth-opening shows for any venue, occasion, and audience.

Amazing Magician Sigma Malta

International Award-Winning Magician, Brian Role`, is the best choice magician for any event. He is ‘THE’ Magician in Malta with years of professional experience in the magic industry locally and internationally. Trust Brian to deliver interactive, engaging, and mouth-opening shows for any venue, occasion, and audience.

SAM International Assembly Gala Show

Brian Role` the magician in Malta
Performing for the S.A.M. International Assembly Gala Show

“A well-choreographed flawlessly executed act.” 
(M.U.M. Magazine 2021)

– Rod Chow, S.A.M President 2022-2023

From Close Up Magic To Stage Magic

Internationally acclaimed magician Brian Role` performs for various events, including party celebrations, weddings, corporate events, hotels, and theatres. He offers different types of magic performances and can easily cater one fit to suit your event. His versatility ranges from close-up magic shows to theatrical grand-scale illusion shows. He also provides tailor-made magic shows, and creations, for specific requests and exclusive events. Therefore, you can count on Brian to deliver a quality performance whether performing up-close for small groups or on stage for larger audiences. Brian Role` guarantees entertainment providing a sense of wonder, amazement, and fun through pure showmanship and professionalism. Based as a Magician in Malta, a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Brian can easily reach any continent in world.

Close Up Magic in Malta - Brian Role

Close Up Magic

Corporate Events – Weddings – Gala Dinners – Staff Parties – Receptions – Any Venue – Available Worldwide

Brian Role Parlour Magic

Parlor Magic Show

Small Venues – Homes – Small Groups – Parties – Adult, Children or Family Friendly Shows – Available Worldwide

Brian and Lola Stage Magic

Stage Magic And Illusions

Hotels – Cruise Ships – Theatres – Variety Productions – Private Events – Public Events – Available Worldwide

Brian and Lola posing at the Chamber of Mysteries Dinner show in Malta Night Out Entertainment

Dinner Show In Malta

Chamber of Mysteries Malta’s Amazing Night Out – Weekly Shows for Groups & Individuals – Available Only In Malta

Why Choose Brian?

Holds various awards for his magic:
An Award For Parlour Magic.
A Close Up Magic Award.
The Prestigious Merlin Award.
Various Trip Advisor Awards

Brian Role` has performed locally and internationally since 1997. Transitioning to full-time professional in 2002, he dedicated his career and life to magic.

Brian’s skills grow from attending magic lectures, conferences, and collaborations with international professionals, enriching his expertise in diverse settings.

As you would expect from a top professional, Brian is experienced as a professional magician with thousands of shows and performances under his belt, in many countries.

Brian guarantees professional magic performances for every engagement. He firmly believes that his clients and audience deserve the best. Additionally, he carries out all his engagements ethically and according to professional standards. As for magic in Malta, Brian Role` is at the apse of entertainment mastery.

These are the qualities that set him apart from other magicians and entertainers and make him a popular choice amongst individuals and companies seeking a top magician for their events. It is what makes Brian Role` a leading magician in Malta. Clients repeatedly choose magician Brian Role` to provide the best magic entertainment money can buy for their events. This is why Brian will not fail to disappoint you if you book him to provide you with a magic performance for your event locally or abroad.

Brian Role` Is A Member Of The Most Famous Magic Clubs In The World

Maltese Magician Member of The Magic Circle of London
‘The Magic Circle’
(London, UK)
Maltese Magician member of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians
The ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians’
Maltese Magician member of the Society Of American Magicians Malta
The ‘Society of American Magicians’
The ‘Association De Magiciens Internationaux’

Brian’s Story

Brian began offering shows professionally in 1997, consistently bringing wonder and surprise to audiences worldwide. However, his love of magic started many years earlier, before becoming an internationally renowned magician. It dates back to when he was old enough to hold a deck of cards. Additionally, with a deep fascination for magic and illusion, he offers a variety of performance styles for any event. As an international magician, he is always ready to amaze the world.

The Best Magic For Amazing Events

Brian guarantees professional magic performances for every engagement carrying out all of his bookings ethically and professionally. These range between close up magic, parlour magic, and stage magic shows that entertain and amaze audiences of all nationalities, age and sex. This is why clients including individuals and companies repeatedly choose magician Brian Role` for a quality magic performance for their events.

If you need a internationally acclaimed magician in Malta, or anywhere in the world, then Brian is ready for another magical experience. Furthermore, he is the person to summon if you are looking for a professional magician for your event. Additionally, book him for your event locally or abroad, and he will not disappoint you.

Client Testimonials

Minral Sankar
(Hotle Manager)

‘Le Royal Meridien Mumbai’

“We are extremely pleased with your performance at our hotel and would recommend you to any other establishments based on our experience”

Virginia Rutland
Client England

Private Wedding Booking

“Thank you once more for making my daughter’s wedding reception so special.
You now have many fans transfixed by your skills!”

“Thank you for coming to our Gala Dinner in St Julian’s and entertaining everybody so well through dinner. All our delegates were fascinated by you!”


Performances Across The Continents

Apart from Malta, Brian performs in many other countries in Europe. Notably, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Spain are just a few that Brian regularly performs in. Moreover, as an international magician, his travels extend beyond Europe. Ongoing and past performances include Mexico in South America, Dubai, and Qatar in the Middle East, and various cities in Asia such as Mumbai, Kerala, Goa, and Hyderabad in India. In Beijing, China, he has also showcased his talents at the Happy Valley Magic Festival. However, Brian doesn’t solely perform for public events; he also provides private international performances. In fact, national and multi-national companies often enlist Brian to provide top-notch magic for their VIP events, entertaining their guests during internal, private, networking, or public functions and celebrations. This means that you too can have Brian as your international magician to entertain your guests at your event, wherever it may be.

Magician Malta Magic performance in Mexico

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Corporate entertainment in Malta - Magician at Sigma Malta

Worldwide Professional Experience

As an international magician, Brian is rich with many years of professional experience and knows how to deal with most performing situations. Additionally, he has experience performing short stage acts to full-scaled headlining shows, as well as walk-around or close-up magic and parlour magic shows. Moreover, clients booking Brian range from individuals to multi-national companies, engaging him for corporate and private events in Malta and internationally. However, he also gives shows for hotels, resorts, theme parks, casinos, theaters, cruise ships, and television. In Malta, Brian performs at Malta’s top Dinner Show, ‘The Chamber of Mysteries ‘. The show holds various awards including several Trip Advisor excellence awards and the most prestigious award in magic, The Merlin Award. Several testimonials from individuals and corporations back up his work.

Internationally Recognised Award-Winning Magician

Brian Role` is a long-standing member of The Magic Circle (T.M.C.); the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.)  the International Magicians Society (I.M.S.), the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) and the Association de Magiciens Internationaux (A.M.I.). He is a member and Ex-President of the Malta Magician’s Society, IBM Ring 202.

Together with Lola Palmer, he is internationally recognized with various awards. Notably, these include awards from both national and international magic clubs, as well as international accolades and awards for his magic and dinner show. Moreover, his talent has garnered him recognition on a global scale.

Malta Magician receives highest award in Magic - Merlin Magic Award Magician Malta

Check out The Awards

Attention Retaining Magic

“I would like to say; Brian thank you for working with us on SiGMA. It was a great show! Brian is very professional and he knows his stuff. At the same time, he is flexible, communicative, creative, and responsible person. If you want to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand, if you want to gain new vital leads, then Brian is here to help and assist you achieve these goals. Brian understands that your message is paramount, but he also knows the secret to getting people to your booth and keeping them there for the entire presentation; amazing them, engaging them, and informing them throughout the presentation.”

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“Brian, you were awesome. I really enjoyed working with you again!”

— – Mark Cousins – Marketing Manager Cashflows (Feedback VIA EMail)
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