…A life of magic

From a humble local hobby to a lifetime international career.

Brian the magician from Malta, born with a love of magic since he was old enough to hold a deck of cards, begun offering shows on a professional basis since 1997, bringing surprise and wonder to audiences around the world since then. A magician in Malta that serves the world!

With a deep rooted fascination for every aspect of magic and illusion, he offers a variety of services from close up magic , parlour magic to stage shows to entertain and amaze any type of audience.

Brian Role Magician on Colorline Cruise Ship

Corporate Magician Malta Close Up Entertainment

The Wonder Of Magic

A major element driving Brian in his magical career is the wonderment he creates in audiences, expressions of sheer astonishment as borrowed items vanish and reappear from the audience’s hands during close up magic, or the hushed sense of awe in an audience that sees something impossible happen in front of their eyes during stage magic. These are what push Brian to scale even greater heights as a master illusionist.

He is also a regular performer on cruise ships, having given numerous shows aboard MS Grand Voyager, MS Color Magic and MS Color Fantasy.

Brian has also taken his magic off the stage and onto television screens, with appearances in many Maltese shows. Performing set pieces in front of cameras, as well as ad-hoc street magic, Brian Role` has become a household name in Malta.

Services Brian Offers

Magician Cruise Ship Magic Show


From South America to Asia, Brian’s shows have wowed audiences around the world. He has brought the art of magic and illusion to Amsterdam, Mexico, Germany, Spain, India, China Norway, London, Italy, Greece, Dubai,  and of course Malta.

In Mexico, Brian co-starred in a spectacular illusion display, giving 35 performances that brought amazement to over 250,000 people. He even appeared at the exclusive ‘Leela Palace’ in Goa, India. There, he performed for various MPs and VIPs, along with the owner of the hotel. He has also performed several shows at the ‘Le Royal Meridien’ in Mumbai.

In China Brian was accompanied by Lola Palmer and there they exhibited their performances during the 7 day Happy Valley 2013 International Magic Festival which was held in Beijing alongside other great magic artists. 

Customer Testimonials

Brian and Lola Magic Show

In Magic

Brian is a well respected member of  highly recognised organisations that define the standards of excellence in this field including  the International Brotherhood of Magicians ,The Magic Circle,and the International Society of Magicians.

In addition, he also is a member of the Malta Magician’s Society IBM Ring 202 Malta where he won local awards for his magic, served as secretary for various years and also served as the president of Ring 202 between 2004 and 2005. 

Not forgetting the land of his birth, Brian hosts a large number of variety shows, theatre performances and high level corporate events throughout Malta and Gozo. He holds a number of events in the pipeline and looks forward to meeting you at one of them. You may follow Brian on FB and see where he will be performing.

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