Hadd Ghalik

Hadd Ghalik TV Game Show 2020/2021

Today kicks off the new season of Hadd Ghalik, a popular TV Game show featuring two teams off an opposing nature, playing vs each other. Past programs featured teams such as Tall People vs Short People, Sporty People vs Non Sporty People and many other opposing personalities.

Hadd Ghalik is hosted by Angie Laus, together with game master PJ Mintoff and Mario Coleiro.

The first program of the new season kicks off with Magicians vs Street Performers.  Brian is obviously on Team Magicians. The games are expected to be silly but fun. Expect a lot of entertainment from juggling, stilt walkers, belly dancers to of course lots of magic.

The program is usually streamed live at 12:15pm (local Malta time) on TVM.com.mt

Watch out for Brian Role` who will be appearing on other TV programs and stations during the upcoming seasons.


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Check out www.magicianmalta.com.mt


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Brian Does Magic at the
Hybrid Festival

Brian’s first public stage magic show post Malta’s partial but significant lockdown was held on the 2nd of September 2020. This day will remain a memorable one for Brian due to the strange circumstances. The weather was perfect for a night of non stop magic for all those people wondering the streets of Valletta. More people eating or having a drink at the restaurants in the piazza also got to enjoy the show.



The show, ‘The Magical City’ was produced by Ring 202 who put it together as part of the Hybrid Festival. Festivals Malta, who are the organisers of the festival, are running it through out various spots around  Valletta.

The Hybrid Festival is an ongoing event, running until September.


A truly magician night in the heart of Valletta with the stage set in front of the iconic monument of Queen Victoria in Pjazza Regina in Valletta.  An additional  backdrop of the magnificent building of the national library added to the magical the atmosphere.

Malta Magician Brian Role performs at Hybrid Festival in Valletta

During the show, Brian combined a number of visual acts into a non stop 20 minute visual performance. No one from the audience was on stage to assist him at any point during his show, maintaining all the social distancing measures. Together with Brian, other members of Ring 2020 performed their individual acts. Some of these magicians are also taking part in Malta’s Got Talent. The Magical City contained 2 hrs of non stop magic without repetition of any particular magic effect.


Brian is preparing for more public and private magic shows in the coming weeks around Malta and Gozo. Brian is implementing measures to maintain social distance and any health and safety regulations during his performances.  He is implementing certain changes to make his performances ‘Covid Safe’ for himself and his audiences. Click Here for more details and to book Brian for your upcoming event. Trust him to entertain you magically while maintaining all social distance measures in place.


You can watch a short video of the parts of the performance hereunder.

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Member of the Society of American Magicians - MagicianMalta

Brian Role` is now proud to be a member of S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians). S.A.M. is the Oldest Magic Society in the World with Past Presidents such as Harry Houdini. Current members include Lance Burton, Max Maven, Mac King & David Copperfield.

It is a prestigious society for those with a genuine interest in the art of magic.  S.A.M. is proud to include Brian amongst its members of expert historians, collectors and professional performers.

Brian Role` - Celebrity Magician in Malta

Despite the name implying the society is for American magicians, S.A.M. includes members from all over the world.  Brian now joins other celebrity magicians in the 272 S.A.M International Assembly. Members of the assembly include names such as Ariann Black, Scott Wells and Michael Finney amongst others. The president of the assembly, Anthony Darkstone, welcomes Brian as an asset to both the society and the assembly.

Apart from now being a member of the Society of American Magicians, Brian is also a member of The Magic Circle,  The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the International Magician’s Society with a Merlin Award achievement.

Brian Role` is the only magician in Malta performing on a full time professional basis for over 20 years. Brian has given hundreds of performances on land and at sea and performs regularly in Malta.

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The Magic of Love - Chamber of Mysteries

A Magical Valentine’s Day Show

Valentine’s Day Malta is always special when The Chamber of Mysteries put on their exclusive Valentine’s  show. This year, on Valentine’s day, they will host another special dinner and show for the occasion. This is  the 4th edition of the special Valentine’s Day Malta Show and Dinner at the Chamber of Mysteries. 

This year the Chamber of Mysteries is very proud to present a unique and exclusive production named ‘The Magic of Love’. This will be a very unique edition with acts and magic specifically for the occasion.

The evening’s program includes a meal and the exclusive show up in the secret theater.  Those present will indulge in a romantic meal expertly cooked to excite your taste buds. During the meal there will be live musicians adding that romantic tone while filling the unique dining ambient.

A Valentine’s Dinner and Show

After the meal, we will lead you to the magical theater where Brian & Lola will present an evening full of surprises.  Be sure that mystery and fun will not be left out and every part of the show with a romantic and magic theme. Prepare for an array of romantic  magical acts, adding that special touch to your evening. With everything in store, expect a truly loving and memorable evening for you and one you love! It is up to you whether you choose to tell your loved one or keep it as a surprise. 

The previous three editions of the Chamber of Mysteries Valentine’s Day Special sold out fast! Therefore, this is another opportunity to snatch one of the few tickets available for a unique night out with your loved one! Do not wait , act now.


For more information about the show and to book your tickets, please visit the following link.
The Magic Of Love – Valentine’s Day Show Malta

Valentine's Day Malta - Dinner and Show The Magic of Love

magicianmalta.com.mt #magicianmalta 

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Amazing Magician Sigma Malta

Sigma 2019

Brian will be enhancing Melbet’s presence with some magic at the Sigma convention in Malta.  Make sure to visit the stand!

Update 01-12-2019

During the past few days, attendees of Sigma’s annual convention held in Malta came by Brian who could be watched performing his amazing magic attracting crowds to Melbet’s stand.


Brian is a regular feature in most editions of Sigma, which is an annual iGaming based convention, attracting hundreds of companies in the iGaming, Fintech and Software industry who want to exhibit their work and create new contacts during the convention and its various networking events.


Melbet the affiliate service provider engaged Brian’s experience full of unique skills with an amazing presentation for this year’s edition of Sigma.  Together with Melbet’s Marketing manager, Ms  O Koksharova, Brian created and devised a presentation intended to attract people to the stand and inform them of Melbet’s  services and products through his magic performance and interactive conversational skills. Ms Koksharova was extremely happy with Brian’s performance and left great positive feedback for others wishing to engage the best possible magician that is capable of attracting people to their stands at conventions and exhibiting as well as engaging with the visitors and offering an amazing presentation of a professionally crafted magic performance.

“I would like to say, Brian thank you for working with us on Sigma . It was a great show! Brian is very professional and he knows his stuff. At the same time he is flexible, communicative, creative and a responsible person.
If you want to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand, if you want to gain new vital leads, then Brian is here to help and assist you achieve these goals. Brian understands that your message is paramount, but he also knows the secret to getting people to your booth and keeping them there for the entire presentation; amazing them, engaging them and informing them throughout the presentation.”
Ms Olga Koksharova
Book Brian

Should you wish to engage Brian to appear at your stand and attract people to it, get in touch with him today and together he will create a special customised product that only he can deliver for you to obtain the results you aim for.

Magician Malta Brian Role - magicianmalta

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Arani Issa- Magician Malta Television

Brian Role` and his magic in Malta for Television

Brian Role` is kicking off this season’s number of guest appearances on television. He is starting, performing his magic in Malta, with an appearance on the new season series of Arani Issa. Arani Issa is a local popular program presented by Dr Joseph Chetcuti. It airs on One TV every Saturday evening at peak times.

During this specific program, performs some mind effects. Brian is seen presenting one of his influential physiological mind effects on co-presenter Shona. 

Magician Malta on Television

Filmed live in the studios of One TV,  Shona was asked to think of a number. This number was used to produce an impossible prediction, that was previously wrapped in a gift box, ptior to the program. Of course Brian’s prediction and Shona’s freely thought of choice fit perfectly together.

Magician Malta on Television - Arani Issa

Brian Role` is a regular face on local television in Malta, performing various form of magic and illusion acts for different programs he appears on. He keeps on to appear as a regular guest of each season of Arani Issa series, doing so since 2014.

Magician Malta Television Magic Arani Issa

Visit again for news regarding Brian’s upcoming performances, entertaining audiences at home with his magic on television

Some of Brian’s Past Performances of Magic On Television In Malta

These are some of the main programs that aired during peak times on a Friday or Saturday night featuring Brian Role as a resident magician or as a guest appearance over the years: Show Time – Sas-Sitta – Eurovision Showbox – Is-Sibt – Arani Issa – Geko – The Entertainers – Sibt F’Living Ma Karl – Saturday Night among others. . 

#magicianmalta #magician #malta #brianrole #television #araniissa https://www.magicianmalta.com.mt

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Magic Night at Castle Dargan Hotel Sligo

Brian Role` is touring Ireland this July with a private performance in Dublin and a public event in County Sligo. The public performance will be held at the the Castle Dargon Hotel on the 27th July and is open to anyone wishing to come and see the Malta based magician in Ireland perform his amazing magic live and up close.

The show on the 27th July is expected to be a well attended event and it is best to contact the Castle Dargon Hotel in order to reserve a table.

More details may be attained here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2320555858033147/

Malta’s Magician In Ireland

At Castle Dargon 27th July 2019

Entertainment Magic Wedding Magician Ireland - Castle Dargan Sligo

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The Mind Show by Brian role - Magician Malta

Brian Role` will be presenting  ‘The Mind Show’ a quality mentalist show exclusively at the Network Bar in St Julians on the 2nd of August 2019.

This is a unique opportunity to come and watch Brian perform things you do not usually get to see him perform. The show will be a workout for your brain, mind boggling and bewildering leaving you not wanting to to miss a moment.

Before the show, make sure to prepare a few drinks on your table because you will need them! 

After the show Brian will meet and greet those present and present some close up magic on selected tables. You may also enjoy the night away at the same venue.

Since this is not a ticketed event and space is limited it is wise to be on the guest list. To get on the guest list for this event, please apply here: https://bit.ly/2FCs9Zx

The event will take place on the 2nd of August 2019 at the Network Bar in St Julian’s. Call 9975 4036  connect@thenetwork.mt   http://www.thenetwork.mt

Full event Details here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/425920494923835/

The Mind Show by Brian role - Magician Malta

A Mentalist Show Of A Different Nature – The Mind Show by Brian role – Magician Malta

The Mind Show – A Mentalist Show or A Show OF Mentalism?

The Mind Show is not just a mentalist show, it is a show full of surprises and an entertaining workout for the brain. This is not the typical I can read your mind kind of show either.  Therefore, do not expect Brian to say I can predict your future, though there will be predictions during the show.  So if it is not the usual predictions or mind -reading type of show, then what is The Mind Show?

It is an above average Mentalist Show ideal for an audience of a mature level of understanding. What it does is it explores the physiological influence of the brain in a fun and fascinating manner. During the course of the show, Brian explains exactly what he is doing, yet you will see how difficult this will be to comprehend. As a matter of fact, it is not unusual for audience members to get confused between the reality and mental illusion of the acts presented. Due to this, Brian explores all the senses; touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste using what he likes to call the 6th sense, the power of the mind. 

The Mind show is only available to book for private events and gatherings and suitable for people over 16 years. To learn more about The Mind Show please contact Brian Role’ and mention ‘The Mind Show’.

#magicianmalta #brianrole #themindshow

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The Magic Bar Live New Alexandra Wales

The Magic Bar Live at the New Alexandra Hotel in North Wales, hosts fantastic shows and close up magic. Brian Role` is performing here for one night only on the 13th of July 2019. This will be the first time that Brian will be visiting Wales to perform there.

Check out the Magic Bar Live FB Page https://www.facebook.com/themagicbarlive/

Magician Malta Brian Role - magicianmaltaMagician Malta Brian Role`


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Medieval Wizardry at the
Medieval Mdina Festival 2019

On the 4th and 5th of May, the Noble City of Mdina for the 11th year will open it’s gates to the Medieval Mdina Festival 2019. The environment created will take the audience back to the medieval period of between 1200 and 1500 AD. Prepare yourselves for two mighty days of Medieval fun with music, reenactments and shows, including Brian and Lola’s Medieval Wizardry.

The Mdina Medieval Festival has become a much awaited and popular annual activity attracting thousands of visitors from other towns and villages across Malta and Gozo as well as tourists and fans from across the world.

Medieval Mdina Festival 2019

In the past consecutive years, Brian and Lola presented their energetic show in the main arena. This year, they are adapting their Medieval Wizardry to deliver it closer to the audience, thus engaging more people with additional participation during their magical presentations.

Medieval Mdina Festival 2019Photo Dominic Cachia   DC Photography 

Various stalls offering medieval arts and crafts and food will be available to compliment the shows and reenactments presented by several different groups, dressed in authentic Medieval costumes throughout the festival. Those who do wish to come in any Medieval costume they may have are very welcome to do so as well.

What’s New At The Medieval Mdina Festival 2019

The festival is produced and organised by the Mdina Local Council and for the first time ever, the whole of the festival will be held alongside the Mdina ditch, offering a larger space and access to a wider audience, with the fortification as a mighty authentic background.

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