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Magic at Sigma iGaming in Malta

Amazing Magician Sigma Malta

Sigma iGaming 2019 Brian will be enhancing a company’s presence with his magic at the upcoming Sigma iGaming convention in Malta.  He will be at the Melbet stand so be sure to find out where it is. Brian and Melbet’s Marketing manager are working on details so that Brian’s delivery include the services and products […]

Magic in Malta for TV

Arani Issa- Magician Malta Television

Brian Role` performs an amazing mind effect live on the Arani Issa 2019-2020 season. Brian’s magic in Malta on television has been ongoing since 1997.

Merlin Award, the ‘Oscar for Magic’ awarded to Brian Role` and Lola Palmer

Malta Magician win International Award in Magic - Merlin Award Winners Brian Role and Lola Palmer

“I am proud to honor and recognize Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer with a Merlin Award for their extraordinary contributions to the magic community” Tony Hassini Brian & Lola earn an IMS Merlin Award The most prestigious award in Magic  Brian Role` and Lola Palmer now holders of an “Merlin Award ” by the International […]

Malta’s Magician Brian Role’ to appear on International Television

Eve Interviews Magician Malta Brian Role

Following a number of regular engagements on various cruise ships, international magician and illusionist Brian Role`, will be taking an interview by Debbie Jones in Liverpool. The interview is to be shown live during a popular travel programme, ‘Cruising with the Stars’ on Sky TV.  

Close Up Magic Shows

Brian Role` is the magician in Malta who provides top Close up magic for various events, corporate, weddings, dinner, parties and many venues.

Sailing the Seas – Cruise Ships and Magic

Magic On The Seas “Brian Role` Has Been Engaged To Perform Full Headline Stage Shows, Featured Acts And Close-Up Magic For Guests To Enjoy Aboard Different Ships Since 2006. Cruise Ships – Magic Between blues skies and seas. Brian is no stranger to performing aboard cruise ships of different sizes for long periods. As a […]


Posters from the past A collection of posters featuring Brian Role` and Lola Palmer was used to promote shows they have starred in and appeared in between 2000 and the present. Virtually Magic Posters The Virtually Magic Poster – A two-part poster for Brian and Lola’s exclusive stage shows at the DB Hotels between 2013 […]


Lola Palmer and Brian Role` the Magician in Malta performance at Mellieha Bay Hotel

A selection of photos of Brian Role` the magician in action performing magic on stage, on television, and close up magic for weddings and corporate events.