Brian Role` Again In S.A.M.’s M-U-M Monthly Magic Magazine

Brian Role` and Lola Palmer feature again in an article in the August issue of MUM, the Society of American Magicians ‘ monthly in-house magic magazine.

The article, by Michel Likely, features the latest Gala Show in which Brian and Lola, representing Malta, performed. Brian and Lola performed a beautiful levitation to open the show, which was named “We Welcome The World”. S.A.M.’s monthly magic magazine, the M-U-M, is available for members of the Society of American Magicians. You can read the article hereunder.

M-U-M S.A.M.’s Monthly Magic Magazine August 2022

MUM AUGUST MAGIC MAGAZINE Society Of American Magicians

The edition welcomed the New President of the S.A.M. Rod Chow who took the presidency earlier this month during the S.A.M. Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

Rod Chow, together with his world globe, co-hosted the show with Anthony Darkstone. the President of the International Assembly of the S.A.M, who remarked via his post on Facebook:

“Delighted once again to have dear Brian & Lola as HeadLiners in another Gala Show. “‘We Welcome The World’ honoring the next Society of American Magicians President, Rod Chow.”

Magician Malta International Assembly SAM

The cast starred professional magicians from across the world and included: Brian Rolé, Austin Moody, Noureddine Bellaoui (El Pasha), Chris Herren As Faust, Michael Kelly, Mind Weak, Joel Zaritsky, Orimar Serip, Michael Likey, John O’Riordan, Alexander May, Javi Benitez, Arthur Tivoli, and Suzanne.

In addition to the star cast, International Surprise Guests, including various major names & other notables in the world of Magic gave a short video tribute, especially to Rod. Indeed a very nice surprise by the production team, Anthony Darkstone and Michael Likely.

Brian Role` is a full member of the International Assembly of the Society of American Magicians and the Assembly’s official envoy representing Malta and Italy. Another feature in a non-magic magazine includes the Sunday Circle.

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