Stage magic is actually what many people think of when they think of illusions. A large theatre, a hushed crowd and a master magician on stage performing mind boggling feats that wow the audience.

Brian role` at Teatru Manoel
And, to a large extent, this is exactly what parlour magic is. It represents a smaller version of the larger stage illusions performed in an area set aside for the magician.

Brian role` and Lola Palmer perform at the Grand Hotel

A Wide Repertoire Of Stage and Parlour Magic

Because stage magic is so visible, it is important that it has a strong impact. The audience wants to be amazed and Brian Role`, with his repertoire of international level illusions, will not disappoint.
Brian Role` and Lola Palmer Substitution Illusion

Whether he is escaping from a straight jacket, entertaining with mind reading, or even performing dangerous illusions that will make the audience gasp, all of Brian’s stage magic shows are presented professionally and have appropriate costumes and choreography.

Illusion shows can also be specifically tailored to specific events or themes. Thus Brian can customise a Halloween themed show, or a Christmas show, as you require. The costumes and even the music and choreography, can all be created to match this theme. Brian is also able to create new and unique illusions specifically for your event if required.

Stage Magic and Parlour Show Venues

While theatres might be the traditional venue for magic shows, Brian Rolé is able to adapt his illusion skills to suit any venue. Outdoor theatres, hotels, TV studios, restaurants and even cruise ships have all played host to his magic shows.

Brian role` and Lola Palmer Suspended On Swords in MdinaIn fact, as long as there is a controlled environment, the required space for the illusions, and backstage facilities, Brian is happy to bring his international illusion shows to you. It is also important to note that all of the illusions can be presented in front of a live audience and that no high tech trickery is involved in amazing the audience.


Contact Brian About Stage Magic Shows

For those wanting to learn more about Brian’s stage and parlour magic shows, he can be reached through the Contact Us page. Take advantage of his many years experience and allow him to help you to create a show that will be remembered by your guests.

We know that you’ll be amazed by the power of the illusions and magical feats that take place during one of these shows. And we look forward to amazing you soon.

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