Another busy week goes by as Brian filmed a special spot to appear shortly on National Television. We will provide you with more details soon.

It is not uncommon for Brian to be required to consult on theatre projects, television and other productions and therefore his expertise was utilised by a popular local band,  No Snow No Alps ( ) for their new music video, in which Brian is also destined to appear in (or ‘Disappear’ from ), that will be launched shortly. Brian expressed that the time spent on the production was long but the whole team behind were great. We are looking forward to it!

#magicianmalta #nosnownoalps

This month Brian will be performing around Malta during several corporate events, and some public events. He is scheduled to supply some spots of magic at the Model Shop ( ) during the month of December commencing this Saturday 6th December 2014.

On the 24th of December 2014 he together with Lola Palmer ( ) will be giving a very special Christmas edition of their show at The Chamber of Mysteries ( )


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