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S.A.M. International Assembly Gala Show – Zoom Magic Show

Update 2021: You can now watch the full previously live zoom magic show in the playback video below.

S.A.M/ International Assembly Gala Show - Zoom Magic Show

The upcoming Gala Show of the Society of American Magicians, International Assembly #272 is on this Sunday 13th December 2020. Brian is happy to be  joining a wonderful international cast. Everyone is invited to watch this Zoom Magic Show which will be freely available. Read on for more details.

Member of the Society of American Magicians - MagicianMalta
The remarkable World Class Cast of magicians include:
Kevin James USA – Tony Junior UK – Bill Palmer USA – Tim Wise USA – Scott Wells USA – Paul Abbey UK – Elmo Huovila Finland and Brian Role` Malta . The show will be hosted by the President of the International Assembly #272,  Mr Anthony Darkstone.
You can watch the live show via zoom on the 13th December 2020 at 4pm Eastern USA9pm UK10pm Malta
The International Assembly Gala Show is open for all to join without any cost. Therefore feel free to join and share this unforgettable experience of world class magic via zoom in the comfort of your home.
To watch the Zoom Magic Show Use the link and information below to join (will not show when the event is over):
Meeting ID: 8###########
Passcode: 4#######
Executive Producer is none other than Dr Joel Zaritsky, S.A.M. President
You can now watch the full show (while it is still available) below.
Brian is a proud member of the S.A.M. International Assembly #272, The Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Magician’s Society Ring 202, and the International Society of Magicians.
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