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Brian Role` is a highly experienced and talented magician in Malta who offers a range of magic services in Malta and on an international basis. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party, Brian has a magic show that is sure to captivate your audience and make your event unforgettable. He provides a versatile choice of magic and illusion related services consisting of close up magic, parlour magic shows and stage magic. He caters for all types of audiences, venues and events. His tailor-made shows and packages ensure that his clients are well-catered for. Whether you need him to entertain a small group of guests, or up on stage entertaining a larger crowd, Brian is sure to provide you with great magic that baffles everyone.

Every Event Is Unique, So Are You!

No matter if it is a small show for a few people or if it’s a stage show for a thousand-seated theatre, Brian Role` can cater to your needs. Brian’s repertoire of magic tricks is extensive and includes everything from card tricks to stage illusions. He is a master of his art and knows how to make even the most skeptical of audiences enjoy his magic. His performances are always filled with surprises and twists, which keeps audiences on the edge from start to finish.

Close Up Magic


Magic Up Close!

Close-up magic or Walkaround Magic, is a type of magic that is performed right in front of the audience, typically using small objects like cards, coins, or ropes. Close-up magic is perfect for intimate events like cocktail parties, corporate events or social gatherings where guests can get up close and personal with the magician.

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Stage Magic Show

Brian and Lola Magician Malta performing a stage magic show in Malta

Stage Magic Shows

This is a more elaborate type of show, typically performed on a stage for large audiences. Stage magic shows often involve more people on stage, and larger props, illusions, backdrop and lighting. Brian’s stage shows are highly entertaining and often can be customized to suit specific requests.

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Parlour Magic Shows

Magician Malta on Television - Arani Issa Parlour Magic Services

Magic Shows For Small Spaces

Parlour magic shows require little space as they do not include big illusions or large props. They are a good choice for shows in small halls or private residences. Small to medium-sized audiences gather to watch entertained by a set duration show. Brian provides parlour magic shows for adults, family, and/or children’s parties.

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Magic For Corporate Events

Cashflows Trade Show Magician Malta

Corporate Entertainment

Brian Role` offers a range of options for the corporate industry. From close-up magic for staff parties to stage shows for elaborate corporate events. Using his magic for trade shows can make your brand stand out. He also offers magic for Team-Building events which is an exciting way to strengthen work teams.

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Wedding Magic

Different Wedding Entertainment

Special Magic For Weddings

Brian provides exclusive close-up magic for weddings, offering memorable moments and photo opportunities. Guests are amazed and filled with joy, making it perfect for wedding celebrations. Brian entertains guests at wedding receptions with his exceptional skills.

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Magic And Illusion Consultant

Magic And Illusion Consultant Malta

Magic Consultancy

Brian provides comprehensive magic and illusion consultation services tailored to artistic projects. His creative input enhances events with captivating magical elements. Clients benefit from his original ideas and concepts, brought to life through collaborative consultation sessions.

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Children’s Magic Show

Children's Magic Show in Malta

Magic For Kids

Experience the ultimate magical children’s show in Malta, brimming with vibrant, captivating, and astonishing tricks. Brian delivers an exclusive performance tailored to kids of all ages, with customized versions for various age groups.

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Magic Shows For Adults

Entertainment for events in Malta Magician Brian Role

Adult Magic Show

Brian’s humor and wit sparkles in his tasteful adults-only performance, featuring clever innuendos and lively engagement. Fun filled with magic and mentalism. Enjoy hilarious surprises, perfect for adult birthdays, hen parties, or any 18+ event.

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The Mind Show

Brian Role` provides a very special show aimed at a mature audience called ‘The Mind Show’. This is not a magic show!

The Mind Show by Brian role - Magician Malta

Entertain Your Mind!

‘The Mind Show’ is based upon Brian’s skills in using a well-scripted performance of psychological methodology in order to influence the choices of the audience, thus enabling Brian to lead them in the direction he requires them to go to reach his grand finale destination in style. The choices the audience makes are very important to reach the right destination. Brian needs to ensure everyone makes the right choice so that he succeeds in his mission. The show has an emotional twist to it, but it is also funny. Brian tickles his audiences’ minds with curiosity, mystery, and varied emotions of fear, love, fun, and laughter.

During the show, the audience may be led to think that Brian uses some sort of supernatural power to read minds, predict outcomes and induce thoughts into the audience’s brain. In reality, Brian claims no such superpower ability but claims to use intuition, psychology, and a secret strategy to influence the thoughts of the audience in the show. There is only one way to find out and that is to book ‘The Mind Show’ by Brian Role` for your next private event.

The show is ideal for small groups of people, seated in a theatre type setting watching the show prior to or after dinner. This is not the kind of show that is ideal for a standing audience or for during any kind of reception where people mingle with food and drinks being served during the show.

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The Magical Wonder Show

This is a full-scale theatre show for children, starring Brian Role` playing the parts of four magical characters. 

The Magical Wonder Show Malta

A Special Staged Show For Children

The Magical Wonder Show is a brainchild concept of Brian Role`. It was first shown at Eden Cinemas in Malta in 2021. In this show Brian plays, The Magic Pirate, The Wizard, -Professor Magic, and a Cameo. Each character has its own role in the show. We now bring this show live to theatres and venues that can accomodate the show across Malta and Gozo.
🧙 The Wizard will transport the kids into his world of wizarding with floating objects, vanishes and appearances, and many other strange things. 
‍☠️ The Magic Pirate takes the kids aboard his ship and shows them the magic behind his pirating powers. 
👨‍🔬 Professor Magic is a mad scientist whose mission is to defy science with magic. 
🎩Brian is the magician performing some of his best magic to end the show in grand style.

This is a magic show for children like no other in Malta.

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The Chamber of Mysteries

Malta’s Longest Running Dinner Show & The Only Magic Show Of Its Kind!

Malta’s Most Amazing Night!

The Chamber of Mysteries™ is the only full-scale magic production weekly dinner show in Malta starring Brian Role` and Lola Palmer. 

Held in its own intimate theatre of magic, specifically designed for the award-winning show, there is no other place or show like it in Malta! 

The show won various awards and accolades justly dubbing it the Most Amazing Night Out In Malta. 

You can find out why and purchase tickets online at The Chamber of Mysteries website. 

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Magic On Television

Brian Role` has been performing magic on Television in Malta and and abroad since 1999.

Brian Role` In Liverpool Studios Live On Satellite TV

Magic For Television And Guest Appearances

In addition to his live performances, Brian also gives performances for live and recorded television shows. He does this kind of magic in Malta and on an International level. Brian has appeared on Maltese and international television and in various media outlets. He has been featured on numerous televised shows in Malta, and was a guest of Debbie Jones on the Cruise and Travel Channel on Sky TV. Brian has often appeared in the news. 

You too can invite Brian as a guest performer or to interview him for your television program. 

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with our team to make all the arrangements.

“…We engaged Brian as dinner entertainment ….most have talked about it since our return and we still can’t even get close to working out any of his sleight of hand…don’t think twice about booking Brian as he won’t disappoint not only with his magic but also his professionalism and manner when dealing with the booking. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED…”


“Brian Role` is the best magician I’ve seen around and have had the pleasure of hiring. I have now hired his services for several of our events in Malta and abroad and am sure to be hiring him for many more in the future. His magic is amazing and fun, keeping us and our guests, mainly our clients, well entertained and amused with quality entertainment..”…”


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