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Magic Services In Malta and Internationally

Brian Role` provides his magic in Malta and on an international basis. He offers close-up magic, parlor, and stage magic for any type of event and audience. He offers tailor-made shows and packages to ensure his clients are well-catered for. Watch some videos from a range of services you can choose from to suit your requirements further below.

Choose A Magic Show That Fits The Event

Parlour Magic Shows

For special occasions and private events in smaller venues or private residences where a show is preferred but where performance space may be an issue for a stage show. Brian offers various versions of his parlour show that blend into either adult, family, or children’s events.

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Close Up | Walk Around Magic

Intimate one-to-one magic to use as a table-to-table or walk-around solution. Close Up or Walk Around Magic is ideal for restaurants, corporate events, dinners, conferences, weddings, and/or as a strolling attraction during fairs and exhibitions.

Learn more about Brian’s amazing close-up magic.

Stage Magic Shows

For clients who have venues or events that have a proper stage and wish to offer a live show to a sitting or standing audience. Stage Magic shows are perfect for theatres, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and theme parks. The events can be public events, corporate events, exhibitions, or any other occasion where such a show is desirable.

More information can be found here.

Magic Consultation

Brian can create something special for your event, stage show, or theatrical production! Imagine having your CEO appear or vanish in a magical manner. Perhaps you want to have something float mysteriously? You may wish to launch a product in a magical way! Or maybe you have no idea of what you want and need some ideas that you can incorporate into your event. Brian offers solutions. Brian Role` provides magic and illusion consultation for these kinds of projects.

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                                                Parlour Magic

Parlour Magic Show Malta Magician Brian Role

Brian Role` is an expert at parlor magic, a special branch of performance magic ideal for small groups. He offers this performance as a stand-alone show or as part of a variety program. This kind of show uses effects and items usually more visually engaging for gatherings and small groups of people in smaller spaces. Brian’s shows are various and are a combination of visual effects, mind-reading, and other amazing acts that live audiences truly appreciate.  He is capable of offering different shows depending on the age group and/or group type.

Click The Following Link For More Information: What Is Parlour Magic?

The type of shows he can offer differ from shows ideal for hens and bachelor parties to shows for family gatherings. Brian can adapt shows for adults and shows that are exclusively ideal for children.

Brian holds an award for his Parlour Magic, winner of the I.B.M. Ring 202’s Parlour Magic competition in 2002. During the competition, he competed with an original visual act. Brian still incorporates a small part of that act into most of his parlor shows.

                                                Close Up Magic

Cororporate Events Entertainment Magician Malta Close Up Magic

Some people call this up-close magic or Walk Around Magic, while others prefer to call it Close Up magic. Whatever you wish to call it Brian ensures to make it an intimate magical experience using micro illusions at close quarters. It is a great form of entertainment during social gatherings such as staff parties, weddings, or private home events.

Brian can walk around guests and interact with them. However, if guests are sitting at their tables then he can approach each table and provide table-to-table magic for dining-style events. The magic involves routines with small objects that may vanish, appear, float, or transform under the spectators’ noses. The items can also include items that Brian can borrow, such as rings, banknotes, coins, and other small objects. Brian combines his skills in card magic and sleight of hand with astonishing mind-reading effects and mentalism. The combination guarantees to capture the interest, engage people, and entertain any type of audience.

Watch Brian in the video below while he engages people with close-up magic in the streets of Valletta. The clip below is a clip from a special feature for a popular TV program in Malta.

Brian offers close-up magic for weddings and events. This is an exclusive service for certain events. You may learn more at Brian’s  Wedding Magician website here:

                                                Stage Shows

Magician Malta Stage Show

Brian provides great stage shows with or without big illusions. Some of his past performances include:

  • Various variety show productions such as Brian & Lola’s show at Es Foguero in Mallorca.
  • Acts for Hotels and Theatre such as The Little Big Show in Malta
  • Shows for Cruise Ships such as ‘The Palmer’s Magic Show’ aboard the Spanish cruise ship, the Grand Voyager.
  • Corporate Events, such as the spectacular illusion acts presented for Betson, Demjao Group of Companies, and others.
  • Mini Stage Acts such as that performed on the Norwegian cruise ships, Colorline Magic and Colorline Fantasy.
  • Full-Scale Theatrical Shows such as those produced by Brian & Lola and all at the Manoel Theatre

An 8 min act for variety show productions and events, or even shorter durations for spot acts.
A 10 – 15 min stage act is ideal for corporate events and special appearances.
A 30-minute version is perfectly suitable for hotels and resorts and also adaptable to any sort of performance.
Or the 45 min version is ideal for theatrical productions, theme parks, and cruise ships.


Brian Role Magician Consultation Music Video No Snow No Alps Malta

Brian can provide magic and illusion consultation for your artistic project. Through his creativity, clients can implement illusionary measures to enhance their events by adding a magical aspect to them. Brian brings to the table original, creative ideas, and concepts that can become a reality through consultation.

This is quite suitable for implementation in projects, such as :
  • Theatrical Productions – A range of creative special effect ideas and concepts suitable for live theatrical performances.
  • Promotional – Adopt Brian’s original ideas and use them to promote your product in a magical manner making them stand out.
  • Television and Film – Perhaps you need to create a special effect without using camera trickery. Brian can solve your problem.
  • Corporate – Brian can create an astonishing crowd-captivating moment for corporate events. For instance, Brian can have your CEO magically appear!
  • Celebration Parties – You have a budget for something unforgettable and spectacular for that special occasion. Brian can get really creative.
  • Exhibitions – For those looking for that something extra to make their exhibits stand out and captivate their audience’s imagination.
  • Fundraising – Stunts designed to captivate media attention in order to attract a wider audience resulting in fund generation.

 The video above features Brian Role` performing for the Music Video, ‘Disappear’ by No Snow No Alps. The director wanted Brian to provide short but visual magical acts, that Brian would usually perform for an audience with a dramatic final disappearance. Therefore, Brian came up with an unusual but easy approach to create this illusion, and what you see is what you would have experienced had you been there. This was created on the set of the video at St James Cavalier and was achieved without any sort of camera trickery. 

Brian Role` the International Magician from Malta
Entertaining Malta, Gozo, and Worldwide!

Brian is a professional international magician in Malta. Although he mostly performs in Malta, Gozo, and across Europe in particular, he also gives performances in other parts of the world! These places include countries in South America, the Middle East, and Asia. With an impressive CV of several years plus of experience, he regularly performs for public and private events alike. Brian provides professional production shows for hotels, resorts, theme parks, theatres, and corporate events. He also is familiar with performing magic shows on cruise ships. Therefore you are sure to obtain a top-quality magical experience when choosing Brian’s shows for your event or venue. As an international magician, Brian can travel anywhere in the world, to bring to you his stage show or provide a close-up magic performance.

You can trust Brian to deliver only the best magic in Malta or abroad! 

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