International Magician Brian Role` offers the following:

CLOSE UP  MAGIC – Intimate one-to-one magic that can be provided as a strolling solution or table-to-table solution. Ideal for restaurants, corporate events, dinners, conferences, weddings and/or as a strolling attraction during fairs and exhibitions. Click here to learn more.

PARLOUR MAGIC SHOWS – For special occasions and private events held in smaller venues or private residences where space may be an issue for a stage show but a show would be preferred to close-up-magic or an addition prior to or after close-up-magic is also provided. Click here to learn more. 

STAGE SHOWS – For venues with a stage or events that have a stage installed wishing to offer a live show to a seated or standing audience, such as theatres, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, public events, corporate events, exhibitions, theme parks and other occasions where such a show would be desired. Click here to learn more

                                  Close Up Magic

Cororporate Events Entertainment Magician Malta Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic

Close up magic is ideal for an intimate magical experience at close quarters. It is a great form of entertainment during social gatherings such as staff parties, weddings or private home events. Brian can walk around guests and interact with them or else visit guests at their table if the event is a seated dining styled event. The magic is presented utilising small objects that may vanish, appear, float or transform under the spectator’s noses. Items include those that are also borrowed, such as rings, bank notes, coins and other small objects. Brian also combines perfect skill in card magic, sleight of hand and mind reading effects, guaranteed to keep any type of audience interested, engaged and entertained.  Watch brian in the video below while he engages people with his close up magic in the streets of Valletta during a special feature for a popular TV program in Malta. 


You can learn more about close up magic and the service that Brian offers for weddings and corporate events at Brian’s dedicated Wedding Magician website here:

                                  Parlour Magic

Parlour Magic Show Malta Magician Brian Role

Parlour Magic

Brian Role` is an expert at parlour magic, a special branch of magic ideal for small groups and presented as a stand alone show or part of a variety program. This kind of show utilises effects and items usually more visually engaging for gatherings and small groups of people gathered in smaller spaces. Brian’s shows are various and the shows are a combination of visual effects, mind reading and other amazing acts that can only be appreciated when presented live in front of the audience.  Brian is capable of offering different shows depending on age groups and group types. He has shows ideal for hens and bachelor parties, shows for family gathering, shows for adults and shows ideal for children.

Brian won the I.B.M. Ring 202’s Parlour Magic competition in 2002 with an original visual act. A small part of that act is still incorporated into many of Brian’s parlour shows and you can watch a version of it from a small clip of a live TV performance here: Brian Role Floating Rose

                                  Stage Shows


Stage Shows

Brian provides great stage shows with or without big illusions.

Brian’s stage shows have been produced for:
Variety Show Productions such as Brian & Lola’s show at Es Foguero in Mallorca and The Little Big Show in Malta
Cruise Ships such as the Palmer’s Magic show on the Spanish cruise ship, the Grand Voyager.
Corporate Events, such as the special illusion act presented for Betson, Demjao Group of Companies and others
Mini Stage Acts such as that performed on the Norweigien cruise ships, Colorline Magic and Colorline Fantasy. 
Full Scale Theatrical Show such as those produced by Brian & Lola and all at the Manoel Theatre


Choose between a:
8 min act for variety show productions and television recordings.
15 min stage act ideal for corporate events and special appearances.
30 min version ideal for hotels and resorts but can be adapted to any sort of performance .
45 min version ideal for theatrical productions, theme parks and cruise ships.


Brian Role`
the International Magician from Malta

Brian is an international magician from Malta based in Europe and who is regularly engaged to perform on a professional basis for several months in most of Europe, parts of South America, in the Middle East and in Asia. With an impressive CV of nearly 20 years of experience in professionally produced shows for hotels, resorts, theme parks, theatres, corporate events both on land as well as on cruise ships, you are guaranteed a top quality service whatever option you may wish to chose for your event and / or venue. As an international magician, Brian is prepared to travel to anywhere in the world, in order to bring you his show or close up magic performance.