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Parlour magic originated in the 19th century, when magicians were invited into homes to provide a private seating for a small audience.

Parlor magic is a show for more people than close-up magic but for less people than a stage show. These kind of shows come at a predetermined duration. Typically there is no stage and the magician usually stands at floor level. This means that smaller and less elaborate props are used during the show. It allows the performance to take place closer to the audience than when performing on a stage.

Parlour magic shows can take place in a living room, small hall or a medium size room in other venues. Usually the magic is performed waist up,  allowing a better view for small group of people. This kind of show does not make use of more elaborate stage props and illusions so it is not usually ideal for a large audience.

This makes Parlour Magic a great choice to entertain a small group of people at home or in a small venue. With the set duration, people can sit down and enjoy the experience together. Besides that, Parlour Magic involves a lot of audience participation. Brian Role` holds a 1st Prize Award by winning the I.B.M. Ring 202’s Parlour Magic Competition..

Three Types Of Parlour Magic Shows To Choose From

Magic Shows For Children

Family Magic Shows

Magic Shows For Adults


I highly recommend Brian the Magician and Illusionist for a fun and jaw dropping atmosphere for the kids at my son’s party. They surely enjoyed themselves very much!


A Tonna

5 Star Review Google

Parlour Magic Shows For Children

Brian Role` offers a great magic show for children. It is colorful, and funny and involves the children a lot. It’s structure keeps children of all ages feeling amazed and excited throughout the performance.

This show is great for birthdays, Holy Communion celebrations, and any other type of children’s parties. Brian provides entertaining magic according to the specified majority of the age group. He also includes numbers that other ages may enjoy as well. When the show is to celebrate a Birthday or a child’s special occasion then the Party Child gets special magical attention and Brian ensures that they become the star of the show.

Expect floating items, vanishes and appearances, and amazingly funny moments full of laughter and surprises through Brian’s Magic Show For Children! More information about magic shows for children can also be found here.

Contact Brian to book this type of show for your child’s special occasion or for any other type of children’s party.

Children's Magic Show in Malta

Parlour Magic Shows For The Family

No ordinary magician. Incredible and mind blowing.. entertaining both adults and children every single time.


P A Pullicino

5 Star Review Google

If you have a family celebration and you are looking to entertain them in an amazing way, then Brian’s Family Magic Show is what you need to ask for! It brings everyone together in one great show. A mesmerizing show that is  amazing for adults and children alike.

Not only do the adults and children get in to join in the fun, they also get to experience the show in their own different manner. Experience magic like never before with borrowed items and things that make you go WOW! Join in the fun with laughter when Brian amazes even the most skeptical person at your party!

Brian has provided these kinds of shows for all sorts of family get-togethers, from Christmas gatherings or other such celebrations, in their living room or at a venue that was booked especially for the occasion.

Contact Brian to surprise your guests with his show for your next gathering in your home or at any sort of venue.

Family Parlour Magic Show

Parlour Magic Shows For Adults

The best magician and Illusionist I have ever seen in my life. I highly recommend his service to anyone locally or abroad, you won’t be disappointed!


Ben R

5 Star Review Google

No kids around? No problem! Adults want to have fun too and Brian can entertain a fully grown bunch of friends with a great Parlour Magic Show for Adults.

Whether you are organising a simple gathering at your home for your friends or organising a more adult-orientated party such as a Hen or Stag night, then Brian can conjure up a funny and amazing show to fit in the occasion perfectly.

This show is full of surprises from hard-hitting mind-boggling effects to lighter magic focusing more on entertainment. Expect some conspicuous innuendos and funny moments!

Get in touch with Brian, tell him what the gathering is for and he will put together a show that matches the situation.

Contact Brian with details of your event and get him to perform his Show For Adults at the next suitable occasion. 

Adult Magic Show

What is Parlour Magic suitable for?

Parlour magic is suitable for performances in smaller venues/rooms for small groups of people. The audience can usually sit to watch the show, for a predetermined duration.

Who is Parlour Magic good for?

Parlor magic is good for anyone wishing to engage a magician to entertain an small group of people in a private residence or small small. 

It is good for any age and Brian Role` offers parlor magic for children with his children’s magic show, a parlor magic show for adults and one that is great for all ages combined.

Where can you put on a Parlour Magic show?

The setup, kind of magic, and presentation during these sort of shows makes it perfect for residences and small venues. However, you can set up this kind of show in almost any environment such as a small hall, courtyard or garden.

Does the show have to take place indoors?

Not really. Under certain conditions, Parlor Magic may be good in an outdoor environment. Such suitable outdoor places are gardens, yards, and similar places where a small gathering of people are able to sit comfortably to watch a set duration show.

How far must the audience be from the magician?

In most cases, the audience can be close, as long as the magician has enough space for the performance. They audience should be seated facing the magician, with the magician’s back to a background or wall in order to avoid distractions. Ideally there should be enough space for the props at the back or sides of the magic and enough space between the audience and the magicians to allow any volunteers that may be asked to join and help the magician to move freely.

What is the duration of the show?

The duration of such shows is in the range of between thirty minutes to one hour. One-hour shows are usually suitable for varying age family audiences.

What do I need to prepare for the magician before the show?

Brian brings all the equipment o to carry out the show. Preferably the performance area is perfect in front of a backdrop or wall, with the audience in front of Brian. The audience can also sit in a semi-circle fashion, from side to side in Brian’s performance area. An electricity outlet close by is also. Keep these in mind and prepare a small table or chair nearby in case it is needed.

Does the magician need a stage?

There is no need for a stage for a parlor magic performance for audiences of 40 people or less. For a slightly larger audience a platform to increase visibility is always welcome but not necessary. All the magic performance is waist up. A stage would be ideal for larger audiences and venues where a complete Stage Magic Show is required.

Vanni Pule Awards Brian Role Magic Competition Winner Malta

Brian Role` Awarded 1st Prize In I.B.M. Ring 202’s Parlour Magic Competition



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What Is Parlour Magic

Parlor Magic is a show that is performed waist up for a small group of people in a private residence, small hall or venue.