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Close up magic is ideal for corporate events, weddings, dinners, parties and other situations where magic is performed at a close proximity.

Brian Role` has years of experience performing as a close up Magician for events, in restaurants and on cruise ships. Close-Up Magic involves routines with small objects that may vanish, appear, float, or transform under the spectators’ noses. The items can also include items that Brian Role` can borrow, such as rings, banknotes, coins, and other small objects.

Brian can walk around guests and interact with them. If guests are sitting at their tables then he can approach each table and provide table-to-table magic such is the case for dining-style events.

Brian combines his skills in card magic and sleight of hand with astonishing mind-reading effects and mentalism.

The combination guarantees to capture the interest, engage people, and entertain any type of audience.

Magic In Your Hands.
Up Close, Really Close Up!

Close-up magic is ideal for corporate events, weddings, gala dinners, private parties, and any other situation where the magician can easily mingle with the guests. Not only does it provide your guests with great entertainment and fun, but the micro illusions provide a great talking point to keep your atmosphere buzzing. It is an icebreaker, a perfect source of entertainment for parties, corporate events, weddings, and several other occasions and venues.

Nothing beats the feeling of experiencing close-up magic firsthand

The wonder close-up magic generates is absolutely amazing! This is because the audiences can see and feel the illusions happening right in front of them. Being in such close quarters to the magic makes for a unique and memorable experience.

Corporate Magician Malta Close Up Entertainment

Participants lose every sense of logic as they watch micro illusions unfold before their eyes. They get to witness wonders while being drawn into the magician’s world of amazement. It attracts any age and audience and is great for public or private events alike, weddings, and social or corporate events. Because close-up magic involves audience participation, Brian knows that anything can and will happen. However, it is this raw excitement that makes this magic so popular.

A Close Up Magician

As a close-up magician with years of experience, Brian is ready for any situation.
Brian Rolé can mingle with your guests at stand-up receptions, or move from table to table at seated dining events, entertaining everyone with micro sleight of hand illusions that leave them saying, “But how did he do that?”

Magic For Weddings and Corporate Events

Different Wedding Entertainment

Magic for Wedding Events – Click Here

Brian Role` has been providing magic for couples and their guests at their wedding receptions in Malta, Gozo, and abroad since 2006.

He is one of the busiest magicians in Malta, with several bookings by couples and wedding planners seeking to add close up magic for weddings.

Contact him to find out how Brian Role` can entertain everyone at a Wedding.

Magic for Corporate Events – Click Here

National and multinational companies book Brian Role` to entertain their guests at corporate events in Malta and abroad.

His mind-baffling close-up ‘miracles’ combined with an entertaining performance is guaranteed to leave everyone in wonderment.

With over two decades of experience,  Brian is sure to amaze you!

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Brian has specific magic effects that are suitable for Weddings, Corporate Events, Staff Parties, and other such occasions.

As a close up magician in such events, Brian ensures his magic is not only fun but also suitable.

Then he offers magic effects that are suitable for a Street Style Magic Performance or Promotional and Television work.

Promotional & Street Magic

While Brian is not a street busker, he has performed magic on the street for TV specials. Many companies wanting Brian’s skills book him to excite and amaze crowds and attract them to their promotions.

Brian’s method of approaching people, surprising, amazing and entertaining them with his magic is skillfully designed to keep them intrigued, interested and most of all talk about it after. Go MaltaFranks Perfumery, and Vodafone are just three companies out of many others that have booked Brian to do just that as part of their promotions.

For television, Brian has years of experience in this field, pioneering Malta’s street magic scene on television. Brian’s first time appearing on television doing close up magic was for a TV program called Tlaqna. Since then he has appeared on many other programs stopping passersby and capturing their amazement on camera.

Watch Brian in the video below while he engages people with street style close-up magic in the streets of Valletta. The clip is taken from a TV feature in which Brian appeared in a few years back. 

Brian Role` Walk Around Close Up Magic In Valletta

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