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The Magic Dinner Show In Malta That You Can Not Miss

Brian Role` is regularly busy with magic shows for private events, hotels, and parties in Malta and Gozo. You can book Brian’s magic show suitable for a venue of your choice, even at your own residence. However, if you are seeking a weekly full magic show in Malta, set in a special venue for such a show, then only one place exists. That is the Chamber of Mysteries, labeled as Malta’s Most Amazing Night Out.

Chamber of Mysteries - A Weekly Magic Show In Malta

A Show Like No Other!

The parlour/speakeasy style show lives up to its name and the slogan because it is held in a chamber turned into a magic theatre. Exclusive mysteries surround every corner of the floor stage and Brian and Lola uncover these mysteries during their amazing show. As you can imagine, the acts defy explanation, surpassing the limits of your imagination making this a truly amazing experience. But it is not all about mystery, magic, and illusion. There is a lot of fun to experience and you are sure to be entertained throughout the whole show and in the company of Brian Role` and Lola Palmer. Being part of a small audience makes it even more special and expect to be part of a magical journey experiencing the magic up close as never before.

A Magic Theatre Hidden In A Venue Built By The Knights of Malta

The theatre is situated in a building that was originally built by the Knights of Malta as a milling factory. It is now a restaurant, serving locals delicious food, traditionally cooked with fresh flavors from Malta. 

Being in a small village far from any touristic area, expect a service that caters to locals. Tourists need to find their own way there as they have been doing so since 2011 since The Chamber of Mysteries first opened its doors to people. It is here where the weekly magic show is held, hiding in plain sight within the building itself.

The theatre seats around 25 people per show. Every seat offers a perfect view of the show from any angle. With such an intimate audience, expect to enjoy it like no other. 

The magic, the mind reading, and the illusion that unfold in front of you are simply amazing. However, the main objective is that everyone who visits to enjoy this amazing night out leaves with a fun and memorable experience to treasure forever and to relive when visiting Malta gain.

The Chamber of Mysteries Teaser Video