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International Performances

Although Brian is a magician located in Malta, he can travel anywhere in the world to deliver close up magic and stage shows. Of course this is subject to availability.

To date, Brian has performed in several countries across the world on a professional basis since the year 2000. His shows have been watched by thousands from South America all the way over to Asia. He gives magic shows for cruise ships,  theatres,  hotels, variety shows and other venues such as open air arenas.

Hereunder is a list of his main International performances since 2000, not including private events.

International Performances

2000 March-April –  Mexico Villahermosa shows for Tabasco 2000 Main Stadium
2001 -April – October – Tour Mallorca Spain – Hotels and Resorts
2002 November – Stage performances for the ICE Festival in Mumbai
2002 December  – Tour India performances in Mumbai, Kerala and Goa
2003 January – February – Tour India Mumbai
2004 December – Tour India performances in Mumbai, Goa, Mahableshwar and Hyderabad
2005 January – Dubai performances for launching of new line of Westar Watches
2005 May – October – Tour of Mallorca  performances in hotels and resorts

2006 -2010

2006 January – March – Mallorca stage performances at Es Foguero Cena e Spetaculo.
2006 April – September – Headline Shows aboard Grand Voyager cruise ship, Venice, Corfu, Greek Islands and Turkey
2010 October – Qatar – WTA launching at Ritz Carlton and x 21 performances during WTA Championships.
2010 November – December – Performances on Color Fantasy / Color Magic – Corlorline Cruises Norway / Germany

2010 – 2015

2011 April – May – Performances on Color Fantasy / Color Magic – Corlorline Cruises Norway / Germany
2012 November – December – Performances on Color Fantasy / Color Magic – Corlorline Cruises Norway / Germany
2013 October – Beijing China – Stage Performances for the Happy Valley Beijing International Festival of Magic

2016 – 2020

2017 November – Valencia – Close up Magic Performances for Product Launches
2018 June – Amsterdam – Performance for the Amsterdam Magic Show
2018 November – London Close Up Magic Performances During Lendit Exhibition  for Cashflows
2019 July – North Wales – Magic Bar Live
2019 July – Ireland – Castle Dargon

There may be more international performances that are not being included due to privacy reasons or that may not be relevant to the interest of those reading. For instance we do not include weddings or private bookings in residences or on private vessels. Please note that not all countries that Brian has performed in have been listed since many of these performance were for private events. Performances in Malta have not been included.

International Performances - Magic in India

Brian is the ideal international magician to book for events because he is located strategically and able to travel to any part of the world. Therefore Brian is a good choice of a magician to book for your event.