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Magician Malta Brian Role and Lola Palmer perform their act at the Malta Star Awards

Stage Magic Shows

Brian provides stage magic shows with or without big illusions. Some of his past performances include:

  • Variety show productions like Brian & Lola’s show at Es Foguero in Mallorca.
  • Acts for Hotels and Theatre such as The Little Big Show in Malta.
  • Cruise Ship Shows such as ‘The Palmer’s Magic Show’ on the Grand Voyager.
  • Corporate Events, such as the spectacular illusion acts presented for Betson, Demjao Group of Companies, and others.
  • Mini Stage Acts such as that performed on the Norwegian cruise ships, Colorline Magic and Colorline Fantasy.
  • Full-Scale Theatrical Shows such as those produced by Brian & Lola at the Manoel Theatre
Magician Malta Stge Shows Magic Show Illusion Show

Brian Role` is Malta’s premier illusionist, stage magician, and entertainer. He has traveled the world performing stage magic and illusions, as a professional magician, since 2000. Brian offers shows that are highly visual, interactive, and amazing. His audiences include thousands of tourists on holiday in hotels, companies who booked Brian’s stage show for their event, variety show productions in dinner theatres and cruise ships, and in various theatres.

Magic And Illusion Stage Shows

Why is a Stage Magic Show great for hotels, cruise ships, theatres, and events?

Here are some reasons to consider a stage magic show for your hotel, resort, theatre, or next event:

A good stage magician adds the unusual to any sort of setting, boosting the energy and rhythm of the house, especially during events.

Stage magic is highly visible, appealing, and interactive with the audience.

Magic on stage can be a high-energy visual act played to music or a slower-paced act full of comedy with audience participation. It can also be a mix of both.

The magician can entertain a large group of people in one place.
Everyone likes to take a break from reality!

Brian offers a great stage magic show. You can book Brian as a magician in Malta or Worldwide.

What makes Brian’s stage magic shows the best available shows in Malta?

Brian’s magic shows are fun, amazing, and full of surprises, tangles with some humor. They keep guests on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. 

But his experience does not only come by him being a magician in Malta. His experience comes from performing on large stages across the world, as in Mexico where for 3 weeks he performed 35 shows for over 7,000 people at a time.

Or on cruise ships entertaining over 1000 people as a headlining show in the main theatre.

He also performed in a 1200-seat dinner theatre show in Mallorca. In Qatar, Brian performed his stage magic during the WTA World Championships that were being held in Doha. 

Check out the impressive list of International Magic Shows by Brian Role

Stage Magic Show - Magic In Cartoonland Manoel Theatre Malta

Mind-Blowing Stage Magic Entertainment

As a magician in Malta, Brian has given shows in the most prestigious theatres around the island; The Royal Opera House, The Manoel Theatre, and The Mediterranean Conference Centre Theatres in Valletta.

Some of the other theatres in Malta where Brian has given performances include theatres such as The Salesian’s Theatre, The City Theatre, St Agatha’s Theatre, and The University Theatre among others.

Companies in Malta who have booked Brian’s stage shows for their special events include Betson, Demajo Group of Companies, Dynamic Events, and many, many others.

In hotels, Brian performed in almost every hotel across Malta and Gozo since 1999 and in several others in countries such as Spain, India, and so forth.

Stage Magic Show In Malta

Stage Show Options And Durations

Brian offers several options, specifically tailored to fit the booker’s requirements. He can adapt a show that fits in with the space and facilities available. In some cases, Brian will offer other options best suited for the occasion.

For cruise ships, hotels, and resorts Brian Role` offers a 45-minute highly visual stage magic show. The show’s contents depend on the venue’s stage facilities and the stage size. Brian may request an onsite or virtual visit to the venue before agreeing to what illusions will be included.

For Variety Shows and Corporate Events, a show of about 10-15mins is what most clients require from Brian since these shows are visually appealing! They are also easy to set on and off stage but are filled with fast energy-boosting acts, leaving audiences wanting more.

Brian may invite several guests up on stage and they become part of the act. He does this without putting people on the spot or embarrassing anyone in any way.

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Typical Durations

8 min act

great for variety show productions and spot acts.

10 – 15 min stage act

perfect for special and corporate events.

30 – 45 min show

suitable for mini-productions, hotels, and resorts

50 min show

standard duration for theme parks, and cruise ships.

75 – 100 min shows

industry-standard full-scale theatre production shows.

Stage Magic Shows by Brian Role` | Magician Malta, Gozo And Beyond! Check Out More Stage Magic Videos On Brian’s Youtube Channel or Visit Brian’s Official Facebook Page

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