Society of American Magicians – Brian Inducted into S.A.M.

Member of the Society of American Magicians - MagicianMalta

Brian Role` is now proud to be a member of S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians). S.A.M. is the Oldest Magic Society in the World with Past Presidents such as Harry Houdini. Current members include Lance Burton, Max Maven, Mac King & David Copperfield.

It is a prestigious society for those with a genuine interest in the art of magic.  S.A.M. is proud to include Brian amongst its members of expert historians, collectors and professional performers.

Brian Role` - Celebrity Magician in Malta

Despite the name implying the society is for American magicians, S.A.M. includes members from all over the world.  Brian now joins other celebrity magicians in the 272 S.A.M International Assembly. Members of the assembly include names such as Ariann Black, Scott Wells and Michael Finney amongst others. The president of the assembly, Anthony Darkstone, welcomes Brian as an asset to both the society and the assembly.

Apart from now being a member of the Society of American Magicians, Brian is also a member of The Magic Circle,  The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the International Magician’s Society with a Merlin Award achievement.

Brian Role` is the only magician in Malta performing on a full time professional basis for over 20 years. Brian has given hundreds of performances on land and at sea and performs regularly in Malta.

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