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Brian Role` is now proud to be a member of S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians). S.A.M. is the Oldest Magic Society in the World with Past Presidents such as Harry Houdini. Current members include Lance Burton, Max Maven, Mac King & David Copperfield.

It is a prestigious society for those with a genuine interest in the art of magic.  S.A.M. is proud to include Brian amongst its members of expert historians, collectors and professional performers.

Brian Role` - Celebrity Magician in Malta

Despite the name implying the society is for American magicians, S.A.M. includes members from all over the world.  Brian now joins other celebrity magicians in the 272 S.A.M International Assembly. Members of the assembly include names such as Ariann Black, Scott Wells and Michael Finney amongst others. The president of the assembly, Anthony Darkstone, welcomes Brian as an asset to both the society and the assembly.

Apart from now being a member of the Society of American Magicians, Brian is also a member of The Magic Circle,  The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the International Magician’s Society with a Merlin Award achievement.

Brian Role` is the only magician in Malta performing on a full time professional basis for over 20 years. Brian has given hundreds of performances on land and at sea and performs regularly in Malta.

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Malta magician Brian Role performing at Casino Malta

It’s almost the last minute of the 1st day of December and we are only just 30 days away from turning a new leaf.   If you want the best magician in Malta for your event, then contact Brian Role today.  Before that, let’s look back at the past 11 months of Brian’s amazing magic in Malta.

This year is a fantastic year for Brian. Apart from winning the I.M.S. Merlin Award he also has a full schedule of performances in Malta and abroad.

Malta magician Brian Role and Lola Palmer with Tony Hassini

Just last week, EVE.COM.MT featured a fantastic interview with Brian. In this interview, Brian goes in depth about why and what he offers to audiences and clients engaging his services. If you fancy a good insight of Brian’s vision, then why not take a few minutes and read it here.

Brian Role` & Lola Palmer Cruise Ship

Magic Entertainment For Events In Malta

Many top companies engage Brian throughout the year for their special events. For them he performs shows or close up magic, depending on the necessities .  Brian appeared during 4 award nights, Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2017, Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2017, Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards 2017, and Malta’s Best in Business Awards 2017.

Close up Magic at table in Malta Brian Role magician in Malta

With a summer full of eventful events all over the islands for many of the top iGaming companies situated in Malta, Brian was their favorite entertainer to amaze their prestigious guests. More so, Brian spent two whole days performing, representing PAYR at the SIGMA17 in Malta.

Magician Malta iGaming Events Sigma

The number of people attending the shows at the Chamber of Mysteries  is higher this year as well. More  people are coming to witness this unique event in Malta on a regular weekly basis throughout the year.

Chamber Of Mysteries Malta

Apart from that, there are performances in the hotels across Malta where Brian and Lola are performing to date. Then there is the various TV appearances and other special appearances. Brian provided magic for several wedding events and lots of private engagements in homes or other venues.

Brian Role Lola Palmer Magician Malta

Starting from today Brian is opening up the staff party season with a full schedule spread across December and going into the early weeks of January 2018. We hope you are one of those who got to or will get to see the Magician in Malta perform before the end of the year!

Why Brian Role` Is The Best Magician In Malta for your events. 

Brian Role` performs for many corporate events, doing so since 1999. His experience is vast due to the variety of engagements both locally and internationally. Brian’s experience incorporates live performances on cruise ships and resorts. He also travels to various countries to provide magic for clients during the private gala events. With a vast array of magic, a good understanding of various cultures and his ability to communicate with audiences of any age, Brian is the right choice for you.

Contact Brian Role Today

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Magician for corporate events and wedding in Malta - Magician Malta Brian Role

Being the leading magician in Malta, Brian’s engagement in many events around Malta and Gozo is ongoing during the following couple of months. Throughout December his schedule is quite full, mainly performing for private seasonal events, gala dinners and staff parties.

If you are thinking of organising an event, you may not be so lucky, with very few dates available remaining. In either case, it is a good idea to get in touch with Brian now. One of those last remaining dates may be right for your event!

Brian Role - Magician in Malta Close up Magic for corporate events and weddings #magicianmalta Magician Malta

The Magician In Malta

If you have stumbled over this page looking to book a magician in Malta, then you are in the right place. Brian is able to provide great close up magic for corporate events, social gatherings, private parties and other type of events such as  weddings

This is the magician in Malta who can provide amazingly great entertaining close up magic for all sorts of events. Brian is ongoing with bookings all over Malta and Gozo. He is regularly performing for repeat clients since his service is second to none.  In brief, he is your magician in Malta to book.

Brian uses a combination of various effects with objects he may borrow or objects he may introduce during close up magic.  He is skillful with cards and mind effects but also capable of providing close up floating magic. Able to fit in with any type of audience, he does all this just a few inches away from them.

Contact him today to check his availability.

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Brian Role Close Up Magician in Malta

Casino Malta Magician Brian Role

“Participants gain a sense of being part of the magic as they watch the illusion unfold before their eyes”

Magic In Your Hands

Up close, really, really close up! 

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing something vanish before your very eyes, only to have it re-appear somewhere you never expected. 

 The wonder and amazement that is generated by close up magic, where the audiences can see and feel the illusions as they happen right in front of them, is tremendous and makes for a unique and memorable experience.

 Close up magic is therefore ideal for corporate events, weddings, gala dinners, private parties and any other situation where the magician can easily mingle with the guests. Not only does it provide your guests with great entertainment and fun, but the illusions also provide a great talking point to keep your atmosphere buzzing.

A Memorable Experience With Close Up Magic

Brian Rolé will mingle with your guests, moving from table to table, entertaining them with sleight of hand illusions that will leave them saying, “But how did he do that?”

Close Up Magician in Malta Brian Role
Brian has years of experience in this field, pioneering Malta’s street magic scene on television, and can create ad-hoc displays to excite and amaze crowds. His stage presence and huge repertoire of magic and illusions ensures that no event will ever be the same.

Because close up magic involves audience participation, Brian knows that anything can and will happen. However, it is this raw excitement that makes this magic so popular.

Colorline Cruise Ship Magic Brian Role         Colorline Cruise Ship Magic Brian Role

Participants gain a sense of being part of the magic, and as they watch the illusion unfold before their eyes, they come away with stories that ensure they never forget the experience. Even better, the thrill of the audience is often contagious as they tell each other what they have seen and experienced, guaranteeing your event will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Close Up Magic On The Street aka Street Magic

Street Magic is a form of close up magic that can be taken down to the street for walk around performances and pop up performances. It is also a great way to attract people.
Watch the following clip of Brian performing some street magic in the streets of Valletta.

Contact Brian About
Close Up Magic

Brian can be reached through the Contact Us page for those wanting more information about close up magic. He will work with you, offering advice and suggestions based on his many years of experience as an international illusionist, to help you create the perfect atmosphere at your event.

We know that you’ll be amazed at just how enthralled your guests are. But of course, that is the true power of magic


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