Is This The Last Hotel I’ll Ever Stay In?

A shower that reminds me of a famous Hitchcock movie and a hotel key that would be quite impossible to loose, unless you detach it from the key ring it hangs on!

Living my life performing, I travel quite a bit, and hotel beds are part of my life. I am lucky to experience many places and things that extend my perspective on life. I sometimes also have the pleasure of staying in very luxurious places. Some are so luxurious that I would never imagine staying in and others I get to choose myself.

Luckily, during my travels, most companies that engage me, book the hotels for me themselves. However, there are times I choose to book these myself, out of necessity, like this one I am in momentarily.

Honestly, this one comes straight out of a Hitchcock Movie. The hotel is clean and everyone is helpful here. However, it appears to be stuck back in time. The main reason for booking this hotel is because it is very close to the station I have to travel from early in the morning. Therefore it is ideal and convenient for the long day ahead.

The Room!

Let me describe the feel of this hotel room I am in. The room is outstandingly clean and looks like maintenance is regular. While everything is functioning, the bathroom reminds me of a famous scene from a classic masterpiece. Here’s that legendary scene from that famous movie below:
The Shower Scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock Movie – “Psycho”

The Key

What is amusing me the most though, is the key you get for your room.  I can not recall the last time I held an actual Key to a hotel room. I am not talking about a magnetic card, Tag, or code key. No, this hotel still provides actual keys to their rooms. On top of that, dangling from the key is a particular-looking key ring. It almost looks similar to the handle of the door. A particular shape that probably will not fit neatly in my trousers’ pocket, without attracting some attention!

I am quasi-certain that this is the crafty ploy they imply so guests do not take the key out of the hotel with them. There is no way a guest can lose this key! Have a look at the picture below and make up your mind. Hopefully, you’ll hear from me again if I manage to survive this experience 🙂 Remember you can follow me on my Facebook Page