Throughout my life of performing, I have travelled quite a bit in my life and have experienced many places and things that have really widened my perspective on life. I also had the pleasure of staying in some places so luxurious that I would have never imagined that I would have ever had the opportunity to stay in and also some that I have have chosen myself. 

During my travels, most of my hotel stays are booked by the companies that engage me. There is still quite a bit that are booked by myself out of necessity, like this one I am in at the moment.

Honestly, this one comes straight out of a Hitchcock Movie. The hotel is well maintained and everyone seems to be very helpful here, however seems to be stuck back in time. The main reason I booked this hotel is because because it is very close to the station I need to travel from early in the morning, so it was ideal and convenient, but is it the wisest choice?

Although outdated, the room is clean and maintained well. The bathroom though, reminds me of a famous scene from a classic masterpiece. Here’s that legendary scene from that famous movie below:

What is amusing me the most though, is the key they actually give you.  I have forgotten the last time I was actually given an actual Key to a hotel room. I am not talking about a magnetic card, or a Tag or a code key. No this hotel still provides actual keys to the rooms and the key is hung upon a particular looking key ring. A particular shape that probably won’t fit nicely in my trouser’s pocket without attracting some attention.

Could this be a well thought of crafty ploy so guests don’t take the key out with them in case they may loose it? Take a look a the picture below and make up your own mind. Hopefully you’ll hear from me again, if I manage to survive this experience 🙂 To see if I do, follow me on my Facebook Page

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