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Magicians’ Society Malta – Official Biography

Brian Role`, member of the Magicians’ Society Malta I.B.M. Ring 202 since 1996

Magicians Malta

Brian Role` became a full member in 1997. Three years after Brian took on a professional career performing magic in several countries from South America to Asia in theatres, hotels, theme parks and on cruise ships together with his partner Lola Palmer. Since 2011, he’s been performing in Malta’s longest running weekly theatrical magical show, ‘The Chamber of Mysteries‘, for which, in 2017 was awarded the prestigious I.M.S. Merlin Award.

Brian’s engaging close up magic, stage illusions, parlour magic and mentalism shows have led him to a busy life of performing professionally for public events, private parties, weddings and corporate events. He has appeared on several popular television programmes as a guest or as the regular resident magician.

Brian Role` is also a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Magic Circle, the Society of American Magicians and the International Magician’s Society. He occupied Presidency of the Malta Magician’s Society between 2004-2005 after serving as secretary for various years and winning prizes for his parlour, close up and children’s’ magic during various competitions.


Magicians’ Society Malta