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Brian Role’ will be talking to Debbie Jones on ‘Cruising With The Stars’ a programme appearing on international television. 

Following a number of regular engagements on various cruise ships, international magician and illusionist Brian Role`, will be taking an interview by Debbie Jones in Liverpool. The interview is to be shown live during a popular travel programme, ‘Cruising with the Stars’ on Sky TV.

During the previous series, Debbie Jones has interviewed more than 300 stars including singers, comedians and other top professional artists. These all have one thing in common. They all regularly perform on cruise ships and Brian is joining them to share his experiences performing magic on ships. program.

The program will appear live on Monday February 11th at 20:00 UK local time (21:00 Malta time). There will be a repetition on Tuesday February 12th at 12:00 (13:00 Malta time) and 16:00 (17:00 Malta time). To watch the programme, tune in to the Holiday and Cruise Channel which is broadcast on Sky Satellite TV, Channel 284.

Cruising With The Stars


The hour long program includes exclusive features and clips from various performances of Brian and his partner Lola performing on ships. There are also clips of them performing in places in Malta. On top of that, Brian will be performing magic with Debbie in the studio as well. This is the first time that Brian will be appearing on this program that airs on international television.

There will be various mentions of Malta during the program in order to promote the island with international viewers.

You can visit the Cruise and Holiday website here:

Update: You can watch the feature here