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Sigma iGaming 2019

Brian will be enhancing a company’s presence with his magic at the upcoming Sigma iGaming convention in Malta.  He will be at the Melbet stand so be sure to find out where it is. Brian and Melbet’s Marketing manager are working on details so that Brian’s delivery include the services and products on promotion. Make sure to visit the Melbet stand and come watch Brian Role` perform his amazing magic and learn about Melbet.

Update 01-12-2019

During the past few days, attendees of Sigma’s annual convention in Malta came by Brian to watch his amazing magic. Brian’s performances  attracting crowds to Melbet’s stand.


Brian is a regular feature in most editions of Sigma annual iGaming  convention in Malta. The convention attracts hundreds of companies in the iGaming, Fintech and Software industry. These come to Malta to exhibit their work and to create new contacts during the event. Apart from the main event there are many other networking events that the companies organise to meet more prospect collaborators.


Melbet is an affiliate service provider. This year the company engaged Brian’s expertise to use his unique skills at Sigma attracting attendees to their stand.  Melbet needed Brian to create a unique presentation to promote the company’s services and products.   Brian did not fail to do so thanks to his interactive conversational skills amazing his entertaining magic performance. Ms Koksharova was extremely happy with Brian’s performance. She left great positive feedback for others wishing to engage the best possible magician for such events. A magician who is capable of attracting people to their convention stand, engaging with the visitors and offering a professionally crafted magic performance.

“I would like to say, Brian thank you for working with us on Sigma . It was a great show! Brian is very professional and he knows his stuff. At the same time he is flexible, communicative, creative and a responsible person.
If you want to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand, if you want to gain new vital leads, then Brian is here to help and assist you achieve these goals. Brian understands that your message is paramount, but he also knows the secret to getting people to your booth and keeping them there for the entire presentation; amazing them, engaging them and informing them throughout the presentation.”
Ms Olga Koksharova
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Do you need the best magician to attract and engage people at your stand during a convention? Do you want to add live interactive entertainment that enables you to captivate people’s attention?  Brian can add that his unique blend of magic to any event or convention. With years of experience you are sure to obtain the results you want. Get Brian to appear at your stand and attract people to it! Get in touch with Brian Role today. Together he will create a special exclusive show presentation for you to reach the results you are aiming for.

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As a magician in Malta, Brian is easy to book for events in Malta or Gozo. As an International Magician, Brian offers his services worldwide with engagements in Italy, Spain, Norway, the UK and other countries.

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