Magic for Weddings, Corporate Events and The Chamber of Mysteries

Brian is quite busy performing stage shows or close-up magic for weddings and corporate events. On top of that, he performs weekly, all year round, at the Chamber of Mysteries dinner show in Qormi. This means that he is always in demand when it comes to events and weddings. 

Different Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Magic by Magician Malta

Brian gets repeat business from some major multinational and local companies as well as new companies approaching him to entertain their guests during their events throughout the year.

But here’s a little more information about what Brian can actually for Weddings, Corporate Events and during his dinner show. 

Magic For Weddings – Wedding Entertainment

Brian provides magic for weddings, for both stand-up receptions and seated dinner-styled events. The type of magic he provides for wedding events is close-up magic. The job entails him going around people at their table or mingle amongst them if the reception happens to be a stand-up reception.  The magic is direct, engaging but most of all highly visible and fully entertaining.

How did he get into providing this type of entertainment? It is thanks to a dear magician friend of his, who specialises in providing this kind of magic for weddings. He taught Brian everything he knows. Therefore Brian’s delivery is above people’s expectations because the secrets he now posses come straight from a person who has done this for many years. Brian has an exclusive wedding site for those who wish to learn more about this entertainment.

Magic for Dinner Shows

The Chamber of Mysteries is Malta’s only dinner show featuring a full-scale magical show. It is one of Malta’s most popular evening attractions on the island. Many tourists visit it, all year round, to watch the show and experience Malta’s most amazing night out. During the show, Brian and Lola offer people the most magical experience one can find on the island of Malta. With a prestigious IMS Merlin Award and hundreds of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, this is something those visiting Malta cannot afford to miss. 

Magic for Corporate Events and Staff Parties

There is an abundance of these sorts of events throughout the year. Whether it is a mid-summer BBQ event for the staff or an elaborate conference gala dinner set to impress the business guests be sure magic is the right ingredient to add. I perform close-up magic and shows for these types of events. The close-up magic is direct, involves the people in a very clean and entertaining manner. Having a set show is more of a collective thing for an audience to view at the same moment and their collective attention will be necessary. However it still involves the people, adds some amazement to the events nut more than that is highly entertaining.

 Contact Brian for a free consultation to discuss your event and see how best to use his services during your event.



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