Close Up Magic Shows

Brian Role` is the magician in Malta who provides top Close up magic for various events, corporate, weddings, dinner, parties and many venues.

Nothing Beats Experiencing Close Up Magic First Hand

It does because the audience can see and feel the illusions happening right in front of them. Imagine, having something vanish from your hand, then reappear somewhere else. Or, seeing something float before your eyes by no means of support. This is the wonder that magic at such close quarters creates. Therefore it is no surprise that this sort of entertainment offers such a memorable experience. Brian is an excellent close up magician available in Malta and Gozo. However, he possesses years of experience performing magic on cruise ships and for events around the world. He is also available internationally.

International Close Up Magician
Magician Malta performing up close for guests during a wedding event in Malta at the lovely event venue Razzett L-Abjad
Brian Role performing at Rhe Ritz Carlton in Doha, Qatar
Brian performing for VIPs and Tennis Celebrities at the WTA Championships launch at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Doha, Qatar.

Don’t think twice about booking Brian as he wont disapoint not only with his magic but also his professionalism!

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Close up magic is ideal for corporate events, weddings, gala dinners, and private parties.

It is also suitable for restaurants and other situations where the magician can mingle with the guests. Not only does it provide your guests with great entertainment and fun, but it is a great conversation starter. The micro illusions provide a great talking point to keep the atmosphere buzzing.

Creating Memorable Experiences Through Close-Up Magic

Brian Rolé is the best person to contact if you are seeking a professional magician to entertain your guests at an event. His mind-baffling mentalism acts and amazing close-up magic guarantee an entertaining performance by one of Malta’s best entertainers. His experience ranges from performing in 5-star hotels, cruise ships, bars, and restaurants in Malta and across the world.

He provides most of his close-up magic performances for corporate and wedding events, doing so since 1995. Brian can mingle with the guests, moving from group to group and performing among them. If the event is a sit-down event, like lunch or dinner, he moves from table to table.

He provides most of his close-up magic performances for corporate and wedding events, doing so since 1995. Brian can mingle with the guests, moving from group to group and performing among them. If the event is a sit-down event, like lunch or dinner, he moves from table to table.

Whatever the situation, trust Brian to entertain your guests with his skillful sleight of hand micro illusions in fascinating manners. This usually leaves everyone wondering, “How does he do that?”

We know that you will be over the moon at just how enthralling your guests’ experience will be. But of course, that is the true power of magic.

Magic for Weddings - entertainment by magician Malta
Brian Role Entertaining Guests with Close Up Magic at a Wedding at The Hilton Malta
Years Of Experience

Brian has years of experience in this field. He is the first magician in Malta to appear on television performing close-up magic in the streets. He travels worldwide to perform this type of magic on cruise ships, in venues, or for private events and trade shows. With his close-up magic, he can create ad-hoc displays to attract, excite and amaze crowds to stands at trade shows with his close-up magic. Through his magic, he can start up conversations among groups of people at weddings. Brian is a great source of entertainment during those grey moments at dinner and party events where a spark of magic can illuminate the event.

Audience Participation In Magic

Because close up magic involves audience participation, Brian knows that anything can happen, and will! However, it is this raw excitement that makes this magic so popular at any event.

Brian Role doing his Close Up Magic on a cruise ship
Cruise Ship Magician performing close up magic.

Participants gain a sense of being part of the magic, and as they watch the illusion unfold before their eyes. They come away with stories that ensure they never forget the experience. Even better, the thrill of the audience is often contagious as they share their experience with others. A guarantee that the event is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Close Up Magic On The Street aka Street Magic

Street Magic is a form of up close magic that can be taken down to the street. This makes it ideal for walk-around performances and pop-up performances. It is also a great way to attract people and get them closer making it easier to share a message. This is why this sort of engagement is a great way to promote a new product or to attract people to a stand.

Where Can Brian Provide A Street Magic Style Performance?

– All Types Of Outdoor Events
– Festivals
– Fairs
– Promotional EventsClose-Up-Magic-for-Promotional-Events-by-Magician-Brian-Role-MagicianMalta

Promoting That Brand New Product Using A Proven Marketing Technique To Attract Attention
Watch the following clip of Brian performing some street magic in the streets of Valletta for a TV program.


Contact Brian Role` And Book Him For Your Event

You can reach Brian, the magician in Malta, through the Contact Us page and ask for more information about his close-up magic. He will be happy to work with you and offer the best advice and suggestions so your event becomes one of a kind.  His many years of experience as an international magician and illusionist ensures you peace of mind. He can help you create the perfect entertaining atmosphere at your event. Brian Role` also provides Stage Magic Shows for captive audiences.