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Magic In Cartoon Land – Teatru Manoel

Magic in Cartoonland - Maonel Theatre Teatru Manoel Valletta Malta

Magic in Cartoonland - Maonel Theatre Teatru Manoel Valletta Malta

Magic In Cartoonland at Teatru Manoel, a huge success with hundreds of people of all ages eagerly attending both performances.

Magic in Cartoonland at Teatru Manoel

Exciting Fun For All The Family At Teatru Manoel

On the 2nd and 3rd October 2010, Brian Role’ together with Lola Palmer put on a full-scale illusion show, Magic In Cartoonland, at the national theatre in Malta, Teatru Manoel.

The show, a seven-scene show, was a production for a family audience. The scenes, included: Ice Queen, Pirate Ship, Magic Cave, Magic School, Chocolate Factory and Magic Castle. The theme, the wonderful and colorful world of cartoons, was produced by Bleep Entertainment in collaboration with Teatru Manoel. Alan Fenech directed the production and an impressive cast of more than 25 people on stage. Penguins, Genies, Magic Students, Pirates and popular characters made appearances on stage. A backstage crew of 10 people made sure everything was smooth running.

Apart from Brian and Lourdes, other main characters in the show. Wonderbell was played by well-known Maltese actress Michelle Bugeja Zerafa and a younger Brian played by the young talented Owen Aguis. The Alison White Dancers brought life to the scenes with their brilliant dance routines, cleverly choreographed by Alison White. 

Beautiful Scenery

The colorful scenes brilliantly painted by the talented artist Marco Bartolo, included a scene of Antarctica, a secret Arabian cave, a school of magic, a pirate’s ship, a chocolate factory, and the stage of a magic castle. Backstage was carefully taken care of by Ernest Buckley, Vivien Buckley, Clint Camilleri, Glen Mercieca, and Aaron Demanuele. Set management and backstage technicals were taken care of Marco Bartolo and two right hands. Stage management was in the able hands of  Charles Grech who did an excellent job in keeping everything in order.

Throughout the show, Brian and Lourdes performed several grand-scale illusions including vanishes and appearances. There were other illusions including various levitations as well as effects such as Snowstorm, floating objects, and more. Magic In Cartoonland was a success; hundreds of people of all ages eagerly attended both performances.

This is not Brian and Lola’s first large-scale production. For more media and press, you can check out all other headlines here.

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