Malta magician Brian Role performing at Casino Malta

It’s almost the last minute of the 1st day of December and we are only just 30 days away from turning a new leaf.   If you want the best magician in Malta for your event, then contact Brian Role today.  Before that, let’s look back at the past 11 months of Brian’s amazing magic in Malta.

This year is a fantastic year for Brian. Apart from winning the I.M.S. Merlin Award he also has a full schedule of performances in Malta and abroad.

Malta magician Brian Role and Lola Palmer with Tony Hassini

Just last week, EVE.COM.MT featured a fantastic interview with Brian. In this interview, Brian goes in depth about why and what he offers to audiences and clients engaging his services. If you fancy a good insight of Brian’s vision, then why not take a few minutes and read it here.

Brian Role` & Lola Palmer Cruise Ship

Magic Entertainment For Events In Malta

Many top companies engage Brian throughout the year for their special events. For them he performs shows or close up magic, depending on the necessities .  Brian appeared during 4 award nights, Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2017, Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2017, Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards 2017, and Malta’s Best in Business Awards 2017.

Close up Magic at table in Malta Brian Role magician in Malta

With a summer full of eventful events all over the islands for many of the top iGaming companies situated in Malta, Brian was their favorite entertainer to amaze their prestigious guests. More so, Brian spent two whole days performing, representing PAYR at the SIGMA17 in Malta.

Magician Malta iGaming Events Sigma

The number of people attending the shows at the Chamber of Mysteries  is higher this year as well. More  people are coming to witness this unique event in Malta on a regular weekly basis throughout the year.

Chamber Of Mysteries Malta

Apart from that, there are performances in the hotels across Malta where Brian and Lola are performing to date. Then there is the various TV appearances and other special appearances. Brian provided magic for several wedding events and lots of private engagements in homes or other venues.

Brian Role Lola Palmer Magician Malta

Starting from today Brian is opening up the staff party season with a full schedule spread across December and going into the early weeks of January 2018. We hope you are one of those who got to or will get to see the Magician in Malta perform before the end of the year!

Why Brian Role` Is The Best Magician In Malta for your events. 

Brian Role` performs for many corporate events, doing so since 1999. His experience is vast due to the variety of engagements both locally and internationally. Brian’s experience incorporates live performances on cruise ships and resorts. He also travels to various countries to provide magic for clients during the private gala events. With a vast array of magic, a good understanding of various cultures and his ability to communicate with audiences of any age, Brian is the right choice for you.

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Malta Magician win International Award in Magic - Merlin Award Winners Brian Role and Lola Palmer

Malta Magician receives highest award in Magic - Merlin Magic Award Magician Malta

“I am proud to honor and recognize Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer with a Merlin Award for their extraordinary contributions to the magic community” Tony Hassini

Brian & Lola earn an IMS Merlin Award

The most prestigious award in Magic 

Brian Role` and Lola Palmer now holders of an “Merlin Award ” by the International Magicians Society ( IMS) .


The most prestigious award in magic, the I.M.S. Merlin Award.


Brian Role` and Lola Palmer are now holders of the  International Magician’s Society  (IMS)“Merlin Award ”. They are the first ever Malta magicians to receive the most prestigious award in magic.

World President and chairman of the IMS, Mr. Tony Hassini flew in from the USA specifically to present the award. The award was given to Brian and Lola by Mr Hassini during a live event at Casino Malta. Present were members of Ring 202 including the current President of Ring 202 and Past IBM President Vanni Pule`.

To the magic community, winning a Merlin Award, is equivalent to winning an ‘Oscar’.  Because of this, it is the highest honor to bestow on any international magician and illusionist.  The IMS bases the award on various professional factors. These include talent, showmanship, originality and skills. It also includes the ability of its recipients to entertain under any conditions. Previous recipients include the likes of David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Penn & Teller and Criss Angel among others.

The Presentation of the award to Brian and Lola at Casino Malta

“I am proud to honor and recognize Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer for their extraordinary contributions to the magic community with their magic dinner show the Chamber of Mysteries.” commented Tony Hassini. “Their interactive, engaging style and amazing feats of magic win them the respect and admiration of their peers and families all over the world. For this, I am sure that this is only the start of much much more recognition and success in the years to follow.”

Malta Magician win International Award in Magic - Merlin Award Winners Brian Role and Lola Palmer

During the acceptance speech, Brian stated “The significance of this most prestigious award in magic, the Merlin Award, is years of hard work and persistence. These are now recognised internationally by the largest magic society in the world. Earning this most prestigious award means so much to us.  Therefore we truly are honored by this most prestigious recognition.” Whilst thanking all those who stand by and continue to help throughout the years, Brian gave thanks to Mr Tony Hassini. Thanks also to the IMS for believing in them as well as all the audiences they enjoy performing for.

Brian and Lola thank the main sponsors significantly essential to make the event possible. These are, Casino Malta and Absolute Ent & Med Ltd.

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