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Magic On The Seas

"Brian Role` Has Been Engaged To Perform Full Headline Stage Shows, Featured Acts And Close-Up Magic For Guests To Enjoy Aboard Different Ships Since 2006.

Cruise Ships - Magic Between blues skies and seas.

Brian is no stranger to performing aboard cruise ships of different sizes for long periods. As a matter of fact, he loves life at sea and entertaining guests of various nationalities whilst exploring different countries and cultures, learning more in the process.

He has both provided headline shows as well as featured as an act aboard cruise ships and has also performed close-up magic on several occasions aboard.

In 2006, together with Lola Palmer, Brian performed aboard the Grand Voyager for a 6 month period.

Since 2010 Brian has been regularly performing on an annual basis for Colorline, aboard the MS Color Magic and MS Color Fantasy between Norway and Germany.

Brian Role and Lola Palmer of Cruise Ship Magic Show - Magician Malta #magicianmalta

Interview On Cruising With The Stars



He was also interviewed by Debbie Jones on the SKY TV Cruise and Travel Channel during the program, ‘Cruising with the Stars by Debbie Jones. ‘.  

During the interview, Brian talks to Debbie about his experience performing magic on cruise ships and shows clips from parts of his show. 

He also talks about his dinner show in Malta, The Chamber of Mysteries and amazes Debbie Jones with the magic he exclusively performs for her.

You can watch the full interview here: ‘Brian Role (Magician) Cruising with the Stars Sky Satellite TV Interview | Magician Malta’