Arani Issa- Magician Malta Television

Brian Role` and his magic in Malta for Television

Brian Role` is kicking off this season’s number of guest appearances on television. He is starting, performing his magic in Malta, with an appearance on the new season series of Arani Issa. Arani Issa is a local popular program presented by Dr Joseph Chetcuti. It airs on One TV every Saturday evening at peak times.

During this specific program, performs some mind effects. Brian is seen presenting one of his influential physiological mind effects on co-presenter Shona. 

Magician Malta on Television

Filmed live in the studios of One TV,  Shona was asked to think of a number. This number was used to produce an impossible prediction, that was previously wrapped in a gift box, ptior to the program. Of course Brian’s prediction and Shona’s freely thought of choice fit perfectly together.

Magician Malta on Television - Arani Issa

Brian Role` is a regular face on local television in Malta, performing various form of magic and illusion acts for different programs he appears on. He keeps on to appear as a regular guest of each season of Arani Issa series, doing so since 2014.

Magician Malta Television Magic Arani Issa

Visit again for news regarding Brian’s upcoming performances, entertaining audiences at home with his magic on television

Some of Brian’s Past Performances of Magic On Television In Malta

These are some of the main programs that aired during peak times on a Friday or Saturday night featuring Brian Role as a resident magician or as a guest appearance over the years: Show Time – Sas-Sitta – Eurovision Showbox – Is-Sibt – Arani Issa – Geko – The Entertainers – Sibt F’Living Ma Karl – Saturday Night among others. . 

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Brian Role and Corazon Mizzi - Eurovision Song Contest Prediction

Since the last update, Brian has been busy performing throughout the autumn, winter and spring months. Now that summer 2016 is in, Brian’s whole new wave of magic shows around Malta is in full swing. It is not unusual for Brian Role` to appear on television either. In the videos below you will see Brian, the Maltese magician predict the Eurovision Song Contest winner of this year. They are in Maltese but easily understandable as magic is a border-less international language.

Sealing Of The Eurovision Prediction

In the video below, you see Brian seal his prediction live on television, months before the contest begins.

1st February Live On TVM

Opening Of The Eurovision Prediction in May Live On TVM

In the next video, Brian and Corazon, open up the prediction, during her popular afternoon program live on the national television of Malta. During the program, ‘Twelve to 3″ be sure to catch Corazon’s reaction as she reads the unbelievable prediction 

In the upcoming months Brian will be performing magic for weddings and many private events including corporate events. He is currently also giving live performances in a few hotels around Malta and still going strong at the Chamber of Mysteries

Watch International magician predict the Eurovision Song Contest winner

Brian Role and Corazon Mizzi - Eurovision Song Contest Prediction - Eurovision Prediction

Brian Role` and Corazon  sealing his Eurovision Prediction.


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