Hadd Ghalik

Hadd Ghalik TV Game Show 2020/2021

Today kicks off the new season of Hadd Ghalik, a popular TV Game show featuring two teams off an opposing nature, playing vs each other. Past programs featured teams such as Tall People vs Short People, Sporty People vs Non Sporty People and many other opposing personalities.

Hadd Ghalik is hosted by Angie Laus, together with game master PJ Mintoff and Mario Coleiro.

The first program of the new season kicks off with Magicians vs Street Performers.  Brian is obviously on Team Magicians. The games are expected to be silly but fun. Expect a lot of entertainment from juggling, stilt walkers, belly dancers to of course lots of magic.

The program is usually streamed live at 12:15pm (local Malta time) on TVM.com.mt

Watch out for Brian Role` who will be appearing on other TV programs and stations during the upcoming seasons.


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Check out www.magicianmalta.com.mt


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Amazing Magician Sigma Malta

Sigma 2019

Brian will be enhancing Melbet’s presence with some magic at the Sigma convention in Malta.  Make sure to visit the stand!

Update 01-12-2019

During the past few days, attendees of Sigma’s annual convention held in Malta came by Brian who could be watched performing his amazing magic attracting crowds to Melbet’s stand.


Brian is a regular feature in most editions of Sigma, which is an annual iGaming based convention, attracting hundreds of companies in the iGaming, Fintech and Software industry who want to exhibit their work and create new contacts during the convention and its various networking events.


Melbet the affiliate service provider engaged Brian’s experience full of unique skills with an amazing presentation for this year’s edition of Sigma.  Together with Melbet’s Marketing manager, Ms  O Koksharova, Brian created and devised a presentation intended to attract people to the stand and inform them of Melbet’s  services and products through his magic performance and interactive conversational skills. Ms Koksharova was extremely happy with Brian’s performance and left great positive feedback for others wishing to engage the best possible magician that is capable of attracting people to their stands at conventions and exhibiting as well as engaging with the visitors and offering an amazing presentation of a professionally crafted magic performance.

“I would like to say, Brian thank you for working with us on Sigma . It was a great show! Brian is very professional and he knows his stuff. At the same time he is flexible, communicative, creative and a responsible person.
If you want to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand, if you want to gain new vital leads, then Brian is here to help and assist you achieve these goals. Brian understands that your message is paramount, but he also knows the secret to getting people to your booth and keeping them there for the entire presentation; amazing them, engaging them and informing them throughout the presentation.”
Ms Olga Koksharova
Book Brian

Should you wish to engage Brian to appear at your stand and attract people to it, get in touch with him today and together he will create a special customised product that only he can deliver for you to obtain the results you aim for.

Magician Malta Brian Role - magicianmalta

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Arani Issa- Magician Malta Television

Brian Role` and his magic in Malta for Television

Brian Role` is kicking off this season’s number of guest appearances on television. He is starting, performing his magic in Malta, with an appearance on the new season series of Arani Issa. Arani Issa is a local popular program presented by Dr Joseph Chetcuti. It airs on One TV every Saturday evening at peak times.

During this specific program, performs some mind effects. Brian is seen presenting one of his influential physiological mind effects on co-presenter Shona. 

Magician Malta on Television

Filmed live in the studios of One TV,  Shona was asked to think of a number. This number was used to produce an impossible prediction, that was previously wrapped in a gift box, ptior to the program. Of course Brian’s prediction and Shona’s freely thought of choice fit perfectly together.

Magician Malta on Television - Arani Issa

Brian Role` is a regular face on local television in Malta, performing various form of magic and illusion acts for different programs he appears on. He keeps on to appear as a regular guest of each season of Arani Issa series, doing so since 2014.

Magician Malta Television Magic Arani Issa

Visit again for news regarding Brian’s upcoming performances, entertaining audiences at home with his magic on television

Some of Brian’s Past Performances of Magic On Television In Malta

These are some of the main programs that aired during peak times on a Friday or Saturday night featuring Brian Role as a resident magician or as a guest appearance over the years: Show Time – Sas-Sitta – Eurovision Showbox – Is-Sibt – Arani Issa – Geko – The Entertainers – Sibt F’Living Ma Karl – Saturday Night among others. . 

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Brian Role and Corazon Mizzi - Eurovision Song Contest Prediction

Since the last update, Brian has been busy performing throughout the autumn, winter and spring months. Now that summer 2016 is in, Brian’s whole new wave of magic shows around Malta is in full swing. It is not unusual for Brian Role` to appear on television either. In the videos below you will see Brian, the Maltese magician predict the Eurovision Song Contest winner of this year. They are in Maltese but easily understandable as magic is a border-less international language.

Sealing Of The Eurovision Prediction

In the video below, you see Brian seal his prediction live on television, months before the contest begins.

1st February Live On TVM

Opening Of The Eurovision Prediction in May Live On TVM

In the next video, Brian and Corazon, open up the prediction, during her popular afternoon program live on the national television of Malta. During the program, ‘Twelve to 3″ be sure to catch Corazon’s reaction as she reads the unbelievable prediction 

In the upcoming months Brian will be performing magic for weddings and many private events including corporate events. He is currently also giving live performances in a few hotels around Malta and still going strong at the Chamber of Mysteries

Watch International magician predict the Eurovision Song Contest winner

Brian Role and Corazon Mizzi - Eurovision Song Contest Prediction - Eurovision Prediction

Brian Role` and Corazon  sealing his Eurovision Prediction.


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Wedding entertainment by magician Malta

If you plan on getting married in Malta, or anywhere in the world for that matter, sometime in the near future then remember the following words. Your Wedding Is unique and you will never relive the day again! You will of course be looking for some great wedding entertainment in Malta for your day.

Making it different for YOU and YOUR guests is important but making it memorable and unforgettable, is even more important. Consider your choice of entertainment one of the most enjoyable and memorable things when it comes to planning your wedding reception. There are many types of entertainment that can be utilised for weddings, however one is more than often overlooked, however trends are changing and people are becoming more open to this kind of entertainment. Magic is a different wedding entertainment option available for you to take advantage of anytime!

Here is an article I wrote way back in 2007, when for the first time I introduced this service here in Malta:

It has now become very popular in many countries around the world to hire a magician during wedding receptions, simply because the magician offers a unique type of entertainment during the reception. Hiring the right wedding magician to entertain the guests at a wedding will bring enjoyment and fun and turn the event into a fantastic day to remember. It is very possible for the magician to provide unique and magical experiences to each and every guest during his performances at the wedding. The magic provided by the magician is usually Close Up Magic, a very popular kind of magic performance.

Different Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Magic by Magician Malta

This is the kind of magic that is witnessed from extremely close quarters, in fact as close as one can get. Actually most of this kind of magic happens in the guests’ hands, as the magician mingles with guests, leaving a remarkable unique experience. This in turn will mark your occasion as a very memorable one for all those who are invited. But knowing when and how to hire a magician for your special day does require a little planning and essentially one must acquire the best option available. The following are a few tips you may use.

The magician needs to be professional and have several years of first hand experience performing. He must also be in a position to offer a wide choice of close up magic and must be willing to guide you to make your day very successful indeed and memorable for many years after. It would be good advice to suggest finding out whether or not the magician is member of any sort of recognised magician’s association, most prominently the Magic Circle. This is very important since world renowned associations such as that mentioned require that each member auditions before a panel of judges that judge the abilities and standard of the magician in order to be admitted as full members. This assures you that the magician is of standard and of good ethical conduct.

There are many magicians to choose from and each hoping to get your custom. Your choice needs to be based on credibility and quality, not on quantity.

The right magician will add a sense of wonder and excitement to make a memorable wedding day unforgettable for you and your guests in a unique manner.

The two most popular forms of wedding magic offered are stand up or strolling close up magic or table magic, although several other options may be offered. In either case the magician usually provides a special effect exclusively for the Bride and groom and the top table if the wedding reception is a seated banquet. Since this article concentrates mainly on the two styles of magic mentioned above I will now break them down for the reader to understand clearly. During stand up receptions, the magician strolls and mingles with guests whilst providing close up magic that is interactive and that will keep the guests involved at all moments whereas if the reception is a seated type of event, such as a lunch or dinner, the magician entertains the guests at their table (moving from table to table) or may even provide his audience with a short close up magic show or a long series of magic effects if the table is arranged as a one long table. The magician may also be requested to provide magic during photo shoots for those present and awaiting their turn to have a photo taken with the newly weds. In some cases, magicians are known to have been hired to entertain the children present for the wedding.

It is normal for a magician to be booked for between one and two hours during wedding receptions, but there are times where the magician is requested to remain longer or shorter periods.

So if you are planning a wedding, do consider a magician as a top priority during the reception. The presence of a magician can turn those dull moments some guests experience into moments of excitement, amazement and entertaining fun. Your wedding will be made memorable for your guests especially those who were directly involved with any of the magic provided by the magician.

It is not uncommon to have the guests passing down their memories and experience for years to come to others who were not present on that important day.

Article written by Brian Role` and first published in 2007 on Brian’s dedicated wedding magic website:   www.WeddingMagician.info

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Brian Role Magician Malta Casino Malta

Stage magic is actually what many people think of when they think of illusions. A large theatre, a hushed crowd and a master magician on stage. People in awe as the magician performs mind boggling feats. The audience in wow by the experience. This is what is great about spectacular magic and illusion shows. 

Brian role` at Teatru Manoel

And, to a large extent, this is exactly what parlour magic is. However, it represents a smaller version of the larger stage illusions performed in an area set aside for the magician. Brian can offer stage magic and illusion shows ideal for large theatre or smaller venues. 

Brian role` and Lola Palmer perform at the Grand Hotel

A Wide Repertoire Of Stage and Parlour Magic

Because stage magic is so visible, it is important that it has a strong impact. The audience wants to be amazed and Brian Role`, with his repertoire of international level illusions, will not disappoint.
Brian Role` and Lola Palmer Substitution Illusion

Whether he is escaping from a straight jacket, entertaining with mind reading, or even performing dangerous illusions that will make the audience gasp, all of Brian’s stage magic shows are presented professionally and have appropriate costumes and choreography.

Illusion shows can also be specifically tailored to specific events or themes. Thus Brian can customise a Halloween themed show, or a Christmas show, or as as you require. The illusions, costumes, music and choreography will suite to match any specific theme. Brian is also able to create new and unique illusions specifically for your event if budget permits. Please enquire about this service. 

Stage Magic and Illusion Shows – Venues

While theatres might be the traditional venue for magic shows, Brian Rolé is able to adapt his illusion skills to suit any venue.  Hotels, TV studios, restaurants and cruise ships are the ideal venues but performances can also take place in outdoor theatres.

Brian Role` and Lola Palmer Suspended On Swords in Mdina - Themed Magic and Illusion Shows
In fact, as long as there is a control of a good performing space for the illusions, and backstage facilities, Brian can bring his international illusion shows to you. It is  important to note that all of the illusions can have a live audience present during the performance. Be sure that no illusion includes any form of camera trickery to amaze the audience present.


Contact Brian About Stage Magic Shows

To learn more about Brian’s stage and parlour magic shows,  then us the  Contact Us  page.  Take advantage of his many years experience. Allow him to help you to create a show that will be your guests will remember.

The illusions and magical feats that take place during one of these shows amazes people. It is because of this that we look forward to amazing you too soon.

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